Wining with Linda & Teri: SparklingReds

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Linda and Teri discuss 5 Red sparkling wines that you can buy right now for $11-21 per bottle.

My video is at DLive


I watched your video. I like it. You did well.

My friend how are you? how was your weekend? 5 wines that look spectacular, the video very good enjoy it and I'm dying to try some good wine that leaves a good taste in my mouth

my friend how are you? Although I can not understand the language, the video is very well done and the wines I loved for their presentation

Hello friend, how are you? this time the video was very good in terms of sound all right

I do not understand very well the language but I took the time to watch the video to see what images you brought of the wines

I like sparkling wines here we usually take this type of wine at parties in December although 2 months ago for a friend's birthday I had a sparkling wine but the color was yellow is a French wine


Hello friend @altportal Sparkling wines here is a good choice I have not tried any of these I think very little I find them in my country and if I get to see them it's a lot of money

I like the color that each wine has besides I can see that they are very cold as they should take health