Refurbishing a 50 Year Old Rush Chair

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We're talking about how Teri refurbished an old chair.

My live stream is at DLive


I like to make my own household items with renewable materials. Actually, creative minds are stimulated.

Nice work. It looks beautiful now!

That's a pretty interesting project. You can pick up those old chairs for nothing at yard sales and refurbish them. That wood looks like oak. Definitely worth saving. Good job!

Do not worry @altportal you do not have to apologize it's the first time so it's probably something that happens

I would like you to make a summary about how was the repair of the chair by the language I speak Spanish I do not understand many things of English

I wish I could speak Spanish.

Hello Friend how are you? I managed to hear a bit of the video I heard a little interference but quiet things that can happen so there is no problem

Personally, it is pleasant when repairing things that are many years old. I like the style that is given to you at that moment. In addition, always very beautiful pieces.

Hello Friend how are you? We are friends to support us so do not worry
Restore is the best of the tasks is as if you saved a life a chair that is 50 years old deserves to be restored because its quality is never like the chairs of today so it was the best thing you did
I hope you had an excellent weekend in my city it rains so it is cold and causes a rich cup of good coffee

My friend how are you? How was your weekend? for the details of the video do not worry, everything is fine, the only thing I do not understand English is that you will soon give me the restoration in letters to read how was that wonderful work you did is wonderful to devote your time to restore so you do not throw those things that are so many years old and are part of your home

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