All your favorite Steemians sing "Shape of you" on a DLive exclusive!

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What happens when 40 Steemians get coordinated to sing the same song? Epicness

A few months ago I organized a karaoke collaboration with some spanish speaking Steemians and the response blew me out. The amount of people wanting to join for the next one, the comments, resteems and votes spole for themselves and I knew on that moment that I should do it more often.

This time, I decided to go for a more ambitious karaoke collaboration: Community builders, minnow driven and very well known among their community Steemians.

It was very complicated to coordinate it, especially because most of the people singing here are very busy all the time but, after 3 months of constant messages and organization I bring you...

A DLive exclusive: The First karaoke collaboration from your favorite Steemians singing "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran.

We are not singers and some of us - ejem, me - shouldn´t even be singing, but we are doing this for the fun of it. I want to thank everyone who played along and became part of this epic song!

Do you recognize some of these Steemians?

Well then what are you waiting for? Come sing along, or better yet, come have a laugh at - or with - us!


Do you think I should do these more often? Would you like to join in the next one? Hit me up in the comment section!

My video is at DLive

I want to thank the amazing Steemians who out themselves in front of a camera and sang along each other, you rock! I tried to edit the timing and to sync it the best I could, I hope you forgive me if I there is a mistake or two :D

Also, I´m really sorry it took sooo much time for me to post this but the coordination - and the coordinator was lazy - was a bit complicated!

Yeah yeah and of course, being the silly person I am, I had to make mistakes about the video, so here is an edit:

Edit One: I don´t know why the hell I was thinking ramen girl was chinese because she told me she was Korean! And we even spoke about it, but my mind was somewhere else. I am sorry!

If you find typos or anything please let me know, I am sleep deprived since I stayed up all night editing the video and mistakes will happen after being so careless.


you guys are awesome! thanks

Yep .. they really are !


Even though I filmed this video in Thailand,
I'm Korean ;) Hehe
Don't get confused Steemian friends :D

And thank you so much for your effort @anomadsoul!
It was super fun! :D

You are my favourite

I am the worst! I´m so sorry I should´ve paid more attention, I knew you are Korean I don´t know what got into me :(

Haha, maybe you were so tired? ;)
It's okaaaay, don't worry @anomadsoul you are the best!!

I have many reasons to follow you. I love Korean culture, love Korean food, married to Korean woman and now your voice. I could listen to this video over and over. And I have. those earrings. :)

Awww, thanks! <3<3 You really into Korean culture!
I loved those earrings which I got in Thailand ;) But those are broken now, so sad :(

LMAO, that was epic. I sound like a chipmunk that hits puberty mid sentence ;-P

Ha! You noticed man! I´m sorry but I had to FF or slow down some clips haha thanks so much for being the one to pick the first line and open up the song :D

Haha, no worries man! Figured I'd walk the plank for the cause ;-)

This is really amazing man...nice to see famous steemians is similar to this song

Now that is what I call quality content! As a promoter of folks here on STEEM, I think we should take you folks on the road. @sircork towards the end was epic as well as @rhondak, but where was the 3rd member of that team, @beanz? Maybe next time.

@nnnarvaez, bless him was excelente to be sure. You all were fantastic! It made me want to dance, and I did!

♬ And then we start to dance, and now I'm singing like... ♬

Great job everyone!

Here is an idea, how about @topkpop feature this video on her final show? Or at least the soundtrack! That would be outstanding, to say the least. This is too good to be lost in the blockchain archives.

Have a great day, every day! Blessings and groovy vibes are my wishes for you and yours.

Sarge (Sargento) @sgt-dan


Man this is awesome! "sargento loves to dance" rocks! Haha imagine a concert at SteemFest 3 :P Obviously I wouldnt dare singing to a crowd but I bet some would. Beanz was going to sing a line but due to external circumstances she couldn´t in the end, but I´m hoping that if there is another song like this one we can convince her. Oh damn, that would be awesome! I´ll get in touch with them to see if they can feature it, sounds grat.

Thanks so much for this comment man, this are the interactiones that make worthwhile being here, have a great day.

You are more than welcome. More, more and more of this my friend. It is great and is trending! Finally something decent on the Trending Page.

so worth it, and what a lot of work to try to line it all up! I don't get the chance to do as much silly, sing-y, out-and-about posts, so I really do appreciate that you chased me for three months and made put down work to actually just have fun. :3

I get so caught up in behind the scenes stuff that I don't always get to post, and when I do, I often don't have the energy to do something free and joyful like this, so you've done more than a service here. (You can also brag that you got me to listen to an Ed Sheeran song! This is no small feat.

Though I don't totally know about my dorky fit with some of these distinguished Steemians, there are some AMAZINGLY terri-good dancers here, in the best way- I'm a fan forever! I salute all of you <3

Wow, amazing! Love it, and resteem it, thanks for that. How i can be part of it? Love to see @uwelang as the german part in the video :) ! btw... i'm Eric too ;-) cheers m8

You would be a great addition @rivalzzz - below someone has exactly copied your comment btw - I might flag him later or you explain that stealing comments is also not appreciated here :-)

I hope that soon - maybe not too soon - I can organize another one! I will keep you in mind and will message you when it happens! Hah! Brother of name!

Drop me a line in Discord or a mention as well so i will don't miss it :)

A great job organizing and putting this all together. Thanks for letting me be a part!

Good news! I have to start promotion for this page. 3,000 ETH. Enjoy!

All information:


This is so incredibly fantastically awesome I might need to watch it again before I can fully appreciate how difficult it must have been to get all of these clips to work...perfectly! Incredible and so amazing to see every single one of the people in this are Steemians I hold in such high regard - all of them true original content creators and leaders of this platform.

I have to thank @ancapbarbie for sharing this because I might have missed it - although if Steemit has any credibility this will go viral and be visible for a long time to come.


This is exactly my thought man, the trending page should be about hard work, a lot of time spent on the posts and content that encourages people to engage and that it is engaging per se. I really hope a lot of people get to see this one and regain some faith in the trending page. Thanks for dropping by and comment man!


What a collection of angelic voices here! :D :D :D

@uwelang fking awesome dude! hahahaha!

Can this one get to $1000!?

you were awesome too @abh12345! Great work :) Great to see your face here.

Aww thanks! Needed to be louder apparently!

Dude! I kept waiting to see someone within my little circle, and bam, there you were! Only, I couldn't hear you singing! Need to project! Like you mean it!

Looked like loads of fun, though, and there was that view again. Sigh. :)


Volume 100% required! The voice of an angel is there, somewhere!

It's so quick. Maybe five words? I think you should probably demand more screen time!

Did you sing the whole song or did you just get assigned the part that made it into the video? It looks like some people went to turn off their cameras just after they finished singing.


Yes I sang along for a few days to practise, I'm disappointed you can't tell! 😋

Try singing that line, I found it tough to get right and hard to 'sing' loudly!

I'm lucky I even know who Ed Sheeran is. I hadn't even heard of the song, and some of it I don't even want to sing, even if I could. :) I'll just have to go back and fast forward to your part, crank the volume and listen to it a few times. :) It's just over so fast.

Certainly not knocking your angelic singing abilities. I just couldn't hear you. Sound mix wasn't always the same throughout and so some were clearer and louder than others.

:-) - I did my best - more was not in the pot of talent lol

I thought you rocked! Well done @uwelang!

You two did great mates hahahaha!

Oh yeah man this is awesome, I really really appreciate the community´s response! I wouldn´t mind some resteems to see if this can get to 1k lolol Thanks for joining with your angelical voice bro!

This is up to 88 resteems!

Anytime you need a voice from heaven 😂

HAHAHA awesome job everyone!! Special shoutout to @anarcotech, @uwelang, @karensurestudios, I laughed my ass off!

@anarcotech was awesome with that style going on! And @karensuestudios wow, the costume gets all the applauses. @uwelang was simply epic.

I wanted to wear that Kimono to the London Cryptocurrency Show, but @starkerz said I had to wear a suit. Boo!

Great video man. Awesome work!

@anarcotech, u have to give the other guys a chance. It’s not good etiquette to steel all the ladies, so we had to ban the kimono from the show. Talk about giving us mortals a chance already!

Lol for the next SF we gotta stop him from wearing something like that or we won´t get any attention :(

Or maybe all turn up in Kimonos... ? ;)

that Kimono made me :swoon:!

Starkerz is a real party pooper

U aren't the one that has to listen to him go on about how good he looks in his Kimono!

Thanks a bunch, was a hard time to prepare with all the rehearsal but in the end - the product counts, and this is a groundbreaking tune to hit the charts near you soon :-).

OMG buddy - this is hilarious - did not expect it ever to go live - was fun. Thanks for putting all that together - next version please a Whale Underwater Karaoke.

Or a custome karaoke so we can hear all your precious voices!!

I was taking so much time! I´m sorry it took so long but hey, it was worth the wait right? Thanks for joining man, it was epic.

This is so inspiring. look at @sircork,
@anomadsoul no no
You are not a terrible singer
@jaybird you are steembond 007😎
@lindahas love u baby 👧
@gringalicious. You got me crushing on you
@ramengirl you got the sweetest voice
@getonthetrain c'mon it'd not a poem recitation. Lol
@creamsonclad you rock girl
@betamusic that was s*ductive
@fullofhope you are so full of life
@karensuestudios I knew you would love the concept

You guys made my morning. Love you all

It's your blockchain entertainer from @steemcamp

hahah, thanks~ when in doubt, panic and flail your arms!! clearly it has worked for me ;)

This is hilarious! Brought back memories, the time you asked for the recording, it was below zero here during the cold snap and believe you me--I don't have below-zero heat!!! I was bundled up so tight I could barely sing. But gawshdangit, I was warm. LOLOL!!! I'm so glad you finally got this posted.

Oh yeah, it seemed like it was cold outside but you were cozy inside! It was amazing thank you for joining the crazy ideas and let´s make more in the future! Sorry for taking so long but hey, it´s finally out! :D

"Cozy inside". . . hmm. I think that's the week I had ice on my bedroom walls. LOLOLOL!!!

This post was worth the wait.

Not bad for freezing your butt off while singing. ;-) Great job in there, Rhonda! fist bump

I feel so ashamed why i didn't have a (Very bad singer caption?)

Thank you very much !

Ha! It was epic man, thanks for joining in the fun! That hat was the real deal btw.

Man, I would love to find some metal heads here on Steemit to do something like this, but, you know, with a metal song, lol.

my dude, come hang with me! I do a metal radio show, and am part of the Metal Tribe of Steemit server on discord... though we may be but little (right now) we is fierce! We're always looking for collabs of the heaviest kind~

Oh, well shit, lol. Link me to the discord server and I'll come join! More than happy to hang out and shoot the shit or talk about/listen to some metal, haha.

a gamer too! you're like, instantly my new favourite~

Haha. Well, I do enjoy whoring myself out to be peoples favorite...But, yeah, I went ahead and joined up :) I'll try to pop in there for a bit each day and chat you guys up. If you're into gaming at all yourself and want someone to play with let me know too, I play stuff on the PC and PS4.

I knew i should pay more attention to you!
off to your blog to check when is your next show :P

Lol actually @crimsonclad iirc prefers some metal music! Perhaps you could organize it, that would be epic!

Hey, that's a start! I know of one other guy into metal music on here. If I can find a handful of people, I might try to get something going. I like video editing, so it would be a fun project for me :)

Oh I agree. I had never even heard of Ed Sheeran before he was on Game of Thrones last year.

Count me in!

I actually didn't know you were gonna use OUR voices, I thought we were lipsyncing. I didn't even TRY to sing it. I was just working proper mouth motions for the part HAHAHA, DAMM, I want do overs, so I can actually mic myself up and SING it, as you can see in my clip, I DO have a studio. hahahaha crap. :)

Oh nooo, my bad for not being clear enough man! Well, we always have that second video in a while, or perhaps @thealliance crew can organize one :D

I totally love it, I want to do more and more of this sort of thing! Thank you very much for including me!

EPIC video bro ! Was a great initiative .. glad to have #teammalaysia part of it !!! cheers man

You are the man! Great idea to use that gathering to sing along man! For sure one of the best parts :D

Holy cow, this looks like a lot of work. I forgot @morodiene had submitted a segment for this, but I didn't know you had so many others involved too. It's fun to see a lot of people on video that you've only seen as a tiny avatar before. Great job!

That´s a very cool part man, some of the folks here are people who we actually intereact with on a daily basis but we really don´t know how the look or behave, this was a nice small window to their "realness" and I loved it!

That's awesome, and it reminded me of an idea I had in mind that I completely forgot about. I thought of bringing a karaoke contest on dlive or dtube but didn't have a camera at the time so I couldn't make the video. Now I do and I'm gonna make it soon.

Great work everyone.
We should do something like “Playing for Change” on Steemit and get some fund for charity. If we can get musician steemians with different kind of instruments. We already know @sircork plays guitar, I have a ukulele (don’t play that well though).

YAAY! You finally uploaded it! Amazing to see the output, I LOVE it!

I love @bitrocker2020 and #teammalaysia, woot woot! Here I was practising it in my hotelroom in Bogor, Indonesia :')

No wonder this became viral! 💪🏻 😁 it looks like you had a lot of fun! Great initiative @anomadsoul to gather so many fantastic steemians together! it couldn't be easy i imagine so congrats for the effort and the results!! btw. the song could be longer so that everyone would have more time to truly show (reveal?haha) their full potential!🥂 in short - loved it! 💛

Ohhhh from this comment I can tell that you are waiting for another song to be organized so you can join! Does this mean I should message spam you when I start putting it together?! :P

haha 😅 Dear @anomadsoul, how did you guess? 😅 Yes, no doubts, I would feel honoured to be a part of your next crazy group 😅 I'm always pro all kinds of guffy and/or pro-community initiatives 😁

HAHAHAHAAA!! omg, you're amazing, that was fun.

It was a lot of effort but I´m thrilled with how it went! Thanks so much for joining my crazy ideas :)

any and every time my friend!


So.Much.Fun to be part of this! Thank you for including me @anomadsoul, so many of my friends and loved ones in there. Woot woot! :)

Thanks to you man for taking part! It was so much fun to edit it, if only you could see some of the bloopers :P

How did you organize this? I would be interested to see if I could pull something like this off

I came up with a popular song and started DMing spamming people over discord to see who wanted which line, then the follow up (the hard part) came so everyone could send me their part, after that, it was all about editing and no sleeping! It was very good man, If you are looking to do something similar don´t hesitate to hit me up via DM over discord.



Thanks for that. I’ll have to think of a plan! I appreciate your offer to help. I’ll think about it for a few days and see if I can come up with something cool

Hello @anomadsoul

Excellent! Amazing and talents at its peak! I wonder the amount of time you out into making. But I must confess those who took part in this are all amazing and great talents. The two lady gymnasts who engaged in acrobatics blew me away!

Such a great content. Success sir

@eurogee of @euronation community

It was amazing the part with @val.halla right? I wish you had joined man, perhaps for the next one :D

Hahahahaha we see sir.

I absolutely loved this version 😉 so much fun to se so many different amazing people come together and sing. It's one of my favorite songs by Ed Sheeran.
Thank you for sharing this. Made my day! 😊

Mine too! When it came out like maybe a year ago I couldn´t stop listening to it, it became fairly popular among a lot of different kinds of people so that´s why I decided to go for this one, it was maybe the most popular 2singable" song out there. Sounds like you would be up for joining on the next one? :P

Ahahahahaha! I had so much fun watching this and knowing that so many different people who met at an online platform and for some reason they worked together to join their voices and make this "vocal collage" left me with such a positive feeling! :D

That´s the amazing part right? To be able to do this thanks to steemit and the tools we have like DLive. I´m so glad you liked it, perhaps for the next one you want to join in!

Right! That was very inspirational! :)

Well, I think for now I'll just watch you guys have fun. Not sure I want to have myself on a video yet :P
But please! Make some more posts like this!

Hey, Eric, how's it going? I've been learning from you as a leader role model and am planning an experimental cross-community cultural challenge with my local Hong Kong community mates, kind of like those you've been doing with sandbox.

When my proposal is out, if you don't mind, do give me some suggestions on how I can do it better.

Good day.

Of course man, hit me up with a DM over discord and I´ll gladly help out. If you also want some participants from Mexico I can join in :D

Collaborating with the Mexican community is a stunning idea.

Basically, we are on the verge of starting a new collaboration channel in Hong Kong hoping to do a range of offline and online activities collaborating with different entities and communities. Doing these help all of us grow emotionally, professionally and culturally.

The cross-community cultural challenge will possibly the first campaign to launch in the name of the collaboration channel.

Im glad that you can give us priceless suggestions. Talk to you on discord. Good day.

You can count on Malaysian community as well =D

This is encouraging.

Myself personally enjoy the team Malaysia activities I’ve done and getting along quite well your community.

Let’s see how we can work this out and looking forward to this. Will keep you posted. Good day.

very well done. @uwelang > Stark! :D

:-) - ich hab alles gegeben, mehr war nicht drin!


Haha, awesome! Keep up the great work!

Hahaha awesome!! I've been waiting for this! Thnx for putting it together! You rock!!

Haha I what you did with your line!! Very creative haaha

lol thank you! it was fun to record and try to get the right timing....

@jkiw und @double-u schaut mal! Wir wren zu lahm :D

... stimmt! ;-)

wie sieht es zeitlich bei euch aus @double-u @jkiw ? Nehmen wir die Deutsche-Variante in Angriff?

Grüß' dich, Sebastian!

Auf dich ist Verlass!

Kann ich dir eine E-Mail im Steemit-Chat zukommen lassen?

Lieben Gruß

You're the best @anomadsoul. That was a lot of fun :D

It was such a pleasure to have the two @sndbox leaders joining us in the fun! Thank you so much

OMGHHH!!! LOL! This is sooo good! @ramengirl you are really in tune! hehe!

Haha, am I? :D Thanks!
You look so cute as always <3

hahah this is freakin awesome!


dope job guys! what a giant collaboration!! i def want to get in on the next one!

Man!! Is there no other song out there? Nothing against this song or Ed Sheeran but I've heard it so many times that I'll probably throw up from my ears if I hear it one more time..haha

Hahahaha that was the point of choosing this one, a popular song that most people would recognize and could sing along! :D

I recognize this but would never sing along..haha

Sing, sing, siiiing :D

I've been waiting for this!

OG Steemian, aha!

You are here from the start man! Hahaha I knoow, it took so much time to arrange it! I was starting to feel bad with all the friends who joined in hahaha.

I loved the flower part, you really worked to get into it @getonthetrain AWESOME!

Haha, Steemit deserves only my very best @misslasvegas!

lol awesome! @sircork, @crimsonclad and @rhondak are the best!

😊 as I said up above somewhere, when in doubt, panic and flail your arms! thus far it has continued to work beautifully for me :3

Aww you are too kind. But yes, two of my favorite ladies.

Haha, I love it! Awesome job for coordinating this project!

Pretty amazing video of musical talent on a predominantly writers blog, but I am happy to see the visual and auditory talent being showcased here also. :)

AWESOME work, it's been a long while that i have seen something this fun to watch. I guess, being a part of the same platform makes everyone have a special connection with each other. It was like watching my family sing songs, truly fantastic!

Thanks alot for this, on top of all the joy it gave us, it's actually a post worth being in trending.

Definetaly keep this up and make more parts, i'm sure ALOT of steemians are interested in co-operating.

yes ,, it's so much fun.
I want to share together.
do i have a chance?

thanks @anomadsoul

I absolutely loved this version 😉 so much fun to se so many different amazing people come together and sing.

Wow nice song, really i enjoyed it,thanks to share.

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki article about Steemian. Thanks and good luck again!

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jajaja fantástico!!...ya quiero ver el open mic en español!!

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Wahahaha... This is really cool!!!

excellent post, greetings :D jajajaja

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you good ! i'm followed !!!!

This is so cool @anomadsoul! 40 different people singing the same song. Nice! You're really good in putting people together. Looking forward for the next singing colab.. Hahaha, I might join.

Wow, a great idea, Steemian 40 is coordinated to sing the same song. I am interested in @anomadsoul :)

Wow, amazing! Love it.

My goodness, it's like a live performance in a maybe arena or stage the voices I heard were very different and this added a blend of mix that made it looks beautiful,
I wasn't aware of this, I could've sang too, glad you get to compile it, after a very long time, this is sweet @anomadsoul