Come watch with me the Mexico vs Korea match day recap!

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I was able to go to the Stadium!

Tickets for a world cup match don´t come cheap, but I was lucky enough to get my hands in a pair of the Korea vs Mexico game and I didn´t hesitate to go.

Come enjoy the recap with me on a DLive exclusive content.

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Goes as a football tourist, but doesn't go to the games, what is this? Weirdo. Also, when does the games end!?

Haha the atmosphere Eve! Not only the games which I have tickets for two of them but also all that surrounds the event!
Are you missing me already that you want the games to finally end?? :)

Holla Eric, So the Super Eagles of Nigeria will be playing against Argentina today. I have no idea what the outcome of the match will be - but just incase you get to be there live please tell them that I love them and they did make me proud in their last match, i honestly didn't expect them to get to that point and they did!..

Have fun!

omg how awesome is that!!!!!!!!!!! i wouldn;t be able to film it from just enjoyment and happiness if my country kicked in a goal!!! jealous!!!!!!!!!!

Wow brother, great to see you inside the Stadium and i want to say that the enthusiasm of crowd was electrifying and first of all the epic moment was when both flags are spread before the National Anthem that was just amazing.

And in my opinion watching live match gives the satisfaction of different level and while enjoying with fellow people makes the experience more amazing, and yes no matter which team won this game but respect for both of the team because everyone showcased the right intent in the game.

And i personally liked the celebrations after the goals and everyone's faces just shined up and the passion and proud moment can be seen on every faces and those moments are happiest moments for the people.

I want to appreciate you for this video and you've captured some great moments which greatly interpreted the environment of this stadium and craze for this game of Football.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

En este día florido
yo te saludo, mi hermano,
el corazón mexicano
explotó en ese partido
y yo pegué un alarido
con todos mis ademanes
!perdieron los alemanes!
con los hermanos de juárez
eso fue un tremendo arrace,
pero en la próxima fase
México, plase, no me falles.

Bella poesía

Wow! I was actually hoping to see you on screen @anomadsoul
Congratulations! To Mexico for securing a ticket to the round of 16
Well played both teams.

Haha I was actually tried to find him while I was watching this game too!!
I enjoyed this game a lot as well!! :D

Im glad you didn´t see me, I was acting way too crazy! @mickyscofield @ramengirl

O wow you are lucky enough to watch the live match :)

You were really lucky to be in the stadium to watch the match live, the match was really thrillng and entertaining

Awesome vedio -recording in a stadium seeing a match what a crazy noise when macixco made goal what shouting on every movements on both Teams

Excelente video amigo que bueno que disfrutes mas y mas saludos

Fantastic experience that you’ll remember forever.

I want to be there @anomadsoul

Felicidades @anomadsoul por el triunfo de México, palante. Gracias por el vídeo.

Nice video, it made me cry a little...

You were very lucky indeed.

Look at the studium, the beauty of you vlog is amazing, I guess it's really a pity I can't see the beauty of the game from Russia, wow I enjoyed this one, you're really a passionate fan lol, have a wonderful game

Oye que bien verte por allá, sabes? algo que queria decirte desde el post anterior es que en el encuentro anterior de Mexico te ví cuando unos reporteros de Directv Sport hablaban con los asistentes, si no eras tu, era alguien identico a ti, llevabas un gran sombrero como los que usan los charros... Saludos y creo que a Mexico le irá muy bien en este mundial ;-)

JAjajaja no no era yo! No dejo que me graben para esas cosas en caso de que ya me haya tomado una que otra cerveza no hacer el ridículo! Y yo no llevo sombreros :( No se me ocurrió pero vaya que fueron un éxito los sombreros de charro!

Jajajaja bueno si no eras tu era igualito a ti ;-) y sí, los sombreros son un éxito allá!

hola, que bueno que la estes pasando bien, muestranos fotos de comida, jejeje, cuidate mucho. me traes una matrusca, besitos

Mindblowing atmosphere, thanks for sharing anomad ! :)

Lo máximo! Celebro contigo desde la distancia el desempeño de México en el Mundial de Fútbol. Están rompiendo todos los pronósticos. Qué vivan los manitos.

q locura estar ahi!

muy buen video

Very good experience. How can you hold your camera for so long period of time LOL.

Hi @anomadsoul! Here's your drawing ^^ i hope you like it :)

And this is a video showing the transformation process!

Saludos amigo que siga la fiesta

i liked your video pretty much, you were really very happy too, congratulations to Mexicans.

We will see in the next world, it is definitely an experience that I must live

Excellent. Thanks for the invitation. Support from Venezuela

Really very lucky ❤

Not everyone is seen in the World Cup. Really you are lucky.

My congratulations @anomadsoul
Attending the great event of the Footbal is one of the greatest emotions that one can live and achieve aupar to the national selection of your country is the Maximum
Good luck to Mexico who has done a couple of very good performances so far and make it one of the main stars of this event

Nice and I am also much willing to watch world 2018 but I am busy with my work.

Hey bro, please follow my channel too. Thanks.

@anomadsoul bro great to see the football match yestrday purtgal vs iran and purtgal go nxt level great

FiFA Piala Dunia 2018

Thank you for sharing this. The atmosphere had me rooting from my computer and I don't even watch soccer. Every looks so happy. Love Love Love Love

Thank you for great post!

Beautifullllllllllllllllll!!! Waooooo if i would have been there...!!

very interesting all this