A Tour of the Maton Guitar Factory

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IMG_9322 2.jpg

A few people reached out to me about the tour we had recently of the Maton Guitar Factory in Melbourne Australia. Here's some more pics for the guitar nerds out there!

My video is at DLive


Nice to hear that 12 string! Sounds sweet bro!

next time you're in Melbourne I'll take you to the Coleclark Guitars factory and introduce you to the crew there. Their guitars are designed by the ex-Maton CEO/head designer. I'm sponsored by them. They will give you a couple of guitars.

Ah ok an answer to my question above. Id love that. You prefer them to Matons?

Well, this is my honest opinion about the difference between Maton and Cole Clark Guitars. They both make extremely good guitars for their price range. In the price bracket it’s really hard to find anything that competes to either of these guitar manufacturers. And they’re both locally made and locally sourced. Although Cole Clark Guitars do only use sustainably logged timbers timbers.
.They are essentially the same design in many many ways. So it’s a bit like comparing A Ford falcon to Holden Commodore. They’re almost identical, but those who love either or will argue till their cows come home about which is best. Having said that, both companies also sometimes make some pretty shit guitars as well. I’ve heard crappy Matons and I’ve heard crappy Cole Clark guitars. A friend of mine had the coveted Maton Messaiah and it sounded dull compared to my Cole Clark fat lady III DELUXE.
But mostly, they’re both gorgeous sounding and feel great to play.
The only thing I would say that puts Cole Clark Guitars above maton is that their pick up system is far more advanced. When you plug it in to PA system that is where a Cole Clark really shines.
Acoustically, they are comparable.

Now for my sponsored opinion. Cole Clark are the best. Chuck out the rest. Lol

Awesome. I have a Maton and love it. They make, in my opinion, the best guitars in the world. Thanks for the tour!

I adore mine. So psyched to incorporate this 12 string!

I have the utmost respect for guitar builders. I naively attempted to build my own guitar from scratch a few years ago and failed miserably. It takes serious craftsmanship and delicate skill (plus the right tools) to produce a guitar, especially an acoustic.

I absolutely love Maton guitars, arguably in the top four guitar makers globally (in my opinion); Martin, Taylor, Cole Clark and Maton. You should try and do a tour of Cole Clark @benleemusic because they make some quality guitars as well and another Australian company too.

I have had my eye on the Maton S70C for a while now. One day when I am Steem rich, my wife will probably let me buy one, haha.

Where are Cole Clark located? Do you have a connection there?

No connection sadly @benleemusic otherwise I would be pulling those strings like a puppet master trying to get some of that sweet-sweet guitar loving. I know they're based in Bayswater, Victoria.

I watched this on my special guitar screen, for extra guitar points :)

As vital as ever!

Loooove my Maton!

Wow!!! Why do i suddenly feel like i am a guru at making guitars, Lol. The video was awesome. I am not a guitar nerd but it is exciting how this chunks of planks can carve out something as good looking as a guitar.
I just posted my first video on dlive and if you have a minute, please do check it out HERE and leave your thoughts on it.

Keep steeming,

Best of luck - will check it out!

Great video. A friend of mine works there.

Cool - maybe I met them?

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