Belinda Carlisle in "B is for Beer: The Musical"

in #dlive3 years ago


When you are writing a musical with Tom Robbins about the journey between realities, and the various magical creatures who inhabit these realms, who better than the most excellent Belinda Carlisle to play the Beer Fairy?!?! Get a glimpse of her recording in the studio and then head over and support our Kickstarter at

My video is at DLive


Nice one :-)

Man, I was a massive fan of hers back in the 80s. Heaven Is a Place on Earth, Summer Rain. Ah, still such great songs! Then when I became vegetarian in the 90s and found out she was already vegetarian I liked her even more.

Update: I just went on a Belinda Carlisle youtube binge. Such good songs and she looked stunning in the 80s. She made out with some hot dudes too.

Yep.. her songs are still some of my favs.

So cool!!!

Omg.. i Love Belinda Carlisle 😍

What a great singer @benleemusic I love her voice.

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