Jumping into Dlive—A proper video introduction!!

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Hi Everyone!!

I’ve been on Steemit for a few months now and it’s all been very educational and exciting. I think the possibilities for this platform are really huge and I’m excited to be making it a big part of my life and career. Thank you all for your support and encouragement so far!!

I recently started Vlogging on Dlive and as I’ve loved it so much, and I also think it’ll be a great platform to share my music etc, I’ve decided to jump in and do a proper video introduction!!

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia… and was very fortunate to be exposed to lots of art, creativity and expression in the culture there.

Melbourne has such an incredible cafe culture (many of the awesome cafes popping up in the US etc now are Australian-owned or Australian-inspired!)—so growing up I spent lots of time writing poetry, lyrics and journaling in cafes… sipping on delicious drinks and eating insanely delicious food! This is one of my favorite pastimes to this day, so you can expect to see a lot more posts about cafes and amazing food! I also think working in cafes is really good for productivity, so I’m sure I’ll be sharing some thoughts about that at some point!


I’m a singer/songwriter/actor. I got a lucky break when I was 15, where I was cast in the Australia Television show ‘High Flyer’s as Donna, a trapeze artist in a circus. I took 6 months off school to film, and it was such an amazing experience!! Not only was it an incredible education and beginning in the industry, but I fell in love with acting and the process of being on set.

Soon after that, I was cast as Beru in Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3. I mean this was seriously a dream come true… to travel to Tunisia and film with George Lucas, Natalie Portman, Joel Edgerton, Hayden Christensen and Anthony Daniels etc… and to become a part of the Star Wars Universe… it’s something that changed my life massively and still to this day brings me beautiful gifts and opens doors.


Here I am holding baby Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode 3 'Revenge of the Sith'!


My hubby Mark and I at the premiere of 'The Force Awakens'!!

I also picked up the guitar and started writing songs when I was about 15 and instantly fell in love with it. Writing songs was much more personal and internal than acting on a set… it was a great way to express feelings, and I loved that I could share straight from my heart and connect with people that way.


After high school, I just had this idea that I needed to come to LA… so I did!! I moved here for real in my early 20s and started on a journey of writing songs with some incredible songwriters.

I’ve had a number of songs and compositions featured in some great TV shows and films (‘Life Unexpected,’ ‘The Three Hikers,’ ‘Grantham and Rose,’ ‘Losing In Love,’ ‘Expecting,’ and the upcoming ‘Miss Arizona’). Being able to mix my love for TV/film and music has been a dream come true, and I hope to do a lot more collaborations like this in the future!


In terms of distributing my music, I haven’t exactly known how to go about it for the last few years. The music landscape has changed so much. It used to be about getting a record deal and manager (which I did at one point and it didn’t work out as planned!) and now it’s much more about being a creative entrepreneur as so many opportunities have opened up online.

I’ve been trying to figure out the best platform to use and how to go about it, and when @benleemusic introduced me to Steemit it I was so excited, cause I felt like it’s the platform I’ve been waiting for!!

I’m so excited to share more of my music on here and even use it as a platform to launch upcoming releases. And I’m also excited to share more of who I am through Vlogs, Blogs etc. I’m super interested in health and wellbeing, delicious food, self care, productivity and spirituality etc. so I look forward to sharing lots of discoveries and tips etc about all of that and more.

I’ve so enjoyed getting to know people on here. It’s already surpassed all my expectations in terms of being able to connect with a like-minded, mutually supportive community.

And obviously the potential for everyone to earn for their content is hugely exciting!! I think it’s definitely the way of the future, and a beautiful experiment as everyone shares themselves and their wisdom and finds their supporters on here!

Well I really look forward to getting to know you all and continuing this Steemit/Dlive adventure together!!!

xo Bonnie

I love Steemit Post V2.jpg

P.S. This awesome video is by @markvicente
P.P.S. Music: Tobu & Jordan Kelvin James ‘Summer Breeze’
P.P.P.S. Thanks again to @benleemusic for introducing me to Steemit!

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My video is at DLive


Welcome to STEEM, aunt Beru from Star Wars / Bonnie! Good to have you on board.

  • So Aunt Beru from Starwars Prequels, Luke Skywakers Stepmom is on fuckin steem and dlive niiiiiice
    a @SteemSpeak user

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I'm so geeked out @bonniepiesse! Star Wars fans unite! Can you please post more about your experience with Star Wars? Definitely looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

Not sure if you participate in any discord channels but you may want to check out the Steem Schools discord channel to learn about monetizing on STEEMIT. Anybody who wants to take FREE LIVE classes on how to monetize on Steemit can join us here.

So cool to have you here! I'm so excited to see which artists and singers are going to come to steemit next :D

I'm glad to see more artists too. What is are your favorite artists to watch? I think youtube will become a dinasaur before long. I wish my favorite creators were on dtube. @bonniepiesse I never watched a full episode of star wars but maybe I will now. What are the best clips to see? Does anyone have a good tl;dr video?

Thanks @earlmonk, yes I'm excited to see too!

Thanks so much!

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@bonniepiesse You played Aunt Beru!? WOW that is AWESOME! I'm super jealous! The prequels are my favorite Star Wars movies! I occasionally do Star Wars book reviews on Steemit!

Any chance you could bring any other Star Wars actors to Steemit? That would be really cool. 👍

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Only 80%? :D

hello? Please explain this to me in more details. I will appreciate.

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Welcome to Steemit @bonniepiesse! We need more people like you

Beautiful .. Interesting
Great post from you, thank you for this information
Thanks for sharing..

Well done .. Good topic, the biggest problem is moral decay
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..

Will Dlive has a potential to compete with Youtube? Maybe soon?

Yes I think so!!

The potentials are gathering already. No doubt. @dlive will surpass YouTube soon. It just a matter of time. The major thing there is traffic. As Steemit grows, @dlive users also grows.

What an amzing and nice video.. happy to have you on steem.. and wow you are part of the Star Wars family... that is something you will always be.. have fun on the steem blockchain

Thanks so much @rival! Yes the star wars family is a great one indeed!

So awesome having you here. Will you tell Mark Hamil and other StarWarsies about this place? 😊

Thanks @jumowa! Yes I absolutely will 😎

Nice to see you here. And I definitely remember you in SW.

btw. How was the condition of the buildings there in Tunisia? And do you have photos? That might make another great steemit post.

Don't forget to bring in all your friends.


Thanks @grey580! The buildings were in great condition... super well taken care of as far as I remember! I do have some pics... I don't know if I'm legally allowed to release them, but I'll look into it!

I hope they don't mind. I'll look forward to seeing those :)


steemit is great project

Welcome to the platform and thanks for contributing! Even more connectedness and community is on the way with Communities and SMT's. I can't wait!

In my opinion, this was an amazingly done Introduction Post!

Keep up the thrilling work :)

Welcome on the Platform btw

Hope you will have a great & successful time here :)

I don't doubt you won't ;)

Thanks so much! Yes very excited to be here and see where it all leads!

Hello dear
welcome here
follow me

I love seeing trending posts that are actually worth trending.
Personal recommendation...upload to youtube and dlive...include both links in the post. This way people can actually watch the video in your post instead of having to go to another site.
(still use dlive though)
Would love to get you on #hotsorshots sometime

Great job! Upvoted to help you on your journey!!

I think it's fair to say this is example of how to do an introduceyourself video @bonniepiesse welcome to SteemIt!

Happy belated welcome to Steemit. I tried to view your video intro on Dlive, but as in all things in Beta (just like Dtube), they don't always work correctly (could not get video to buffer). Anyway, here's wishing you the best on a great platform. Just don't let all the Bot's surround you!

Yes some people have had some trouble loading... thank you for the warm welcome!

hi bonniepiesse, it’s nice to see new face on steemit, hope you will spread positive vibes in steemit.and keep up the good work on steemit...;-) and be regular on steemit it will make grow you faster... ;-)

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Its amazing to see you Beru. best introduction

Te deseo Éxito, Saludos de parte de @ydavgonzalez.

Welcome to steemit

Welcome to Steemit, bonnie.

Thank you for this amazing introduction! Personally, I'm so proud to see you on DLive, this video is one of the best videos on the blockchain. I want to thank your husband (Mark) for this montage. Welcome to DLive once again @bonniepiesse 💗

Thanks @redjepi and thanks for all your support! I'm loving the Dlive experience and Mark is so happy the video was so well received... Looking forward to lots of great things on here!

wow that's awesome! Being on star wars??? Super cool

Really nice done introduction and Video, welcome on Steemit @bonniepiesse , another great name A Hollywood personality, I know you will shine here and will gain a lot of followers... God bless!

Thanks so much @joshvel!

Welcome to the steemit :-)

WOW, such a great introduction, definitely one of the best I have seen so far. Thanks for sharing your journey with us! So great to have you on the platform you are definitely not wrong by choosing steemit and dlive. It has opened up so many doors for me. Continue on expressing yourself we are here watching and listening. Welcome!

Thanks @paolajane--I'm lucky to have a husband who's very skilled in making great videos! I've been following you for a while too and loving your posts! You bring such a beautiful authenticity 💗 great to connect with you

Wow, haha I had no idea! I'm so glad I watched this video and we have the ability to connect 💛 you are going to do so great here :)

wow! That was a really good video! I feel like I know you a lot more !! It was awesome to hear about your life and journey.

Thanks so much for watching @acromott! Yes @markvicente really outdid himself with the video :)

Nice to meet you, Bonnie aka Beru! Glad to see such a unique personality who joined Steemit! Wish you SUCCESS and I have no doubt about it :))) Looking forward. Followed, upped, resteemed. Cheers

Bonnie this is amazing!!! I’m so excited to see you killing it on here!! ❤️ You have so many incredible talents to share and I’m glad you are getting recognized for it. 😊

Thanks lovely!! You continue to be a great inspiration, thanks for leading the way! 💗

Beautiful and inspiring video! Loved your story and hearing about why you are liking the Steemit platform. As a new member myself, it's encouraging to see this kind of content being shared. Looking forward to more posts from you!

We all look forward to more of your music Bonnie!

Great article. Interesting background.

I lived in Melbourne through Working holiday Visa. it is definitely a place to be. I agree with you Steemit is a positive phenomenon and a great community

Thanks for sharing your life with us. Welcome to the Steem community!

Nice to meet ya Bonnie :)
Cheers and good luck :D

Well. I am feeling good to know about you because you encourage me for hard work

I just love this. I went back and resteemed it for you:)

Yay thanks @goldmatters!! 🌟😎

Congratulation bonniepiesse! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 32min with 20 votes.

The possibilities of this platform is really huge. We've been through a lot for just 2 years and we should expect a lot of change will coming to this platform for the benefit of all steemians and steem.

Thanks for sharing this with the community. It always nice to read something that is done with passion.

Welcome to Dlive @bonniepiesse! Glad to have you join this great platform. And hope you get you success as you get it on steemit.

good to see you again, Keep up the good work, more music and more movies :))

peace! \m/

Are you hollywood actor right?

Welcome on board. Enjoy ur stay here on Steemit. You are in the right place @bonniepiesse.

What a great intro. Very cool that your part of the Star Wars family....Steemit will rocket you to the Stars!

Welcome to the platform. That you keep reaping successes and sharing with us your professional projects

Great video and that is so cool you were cast in the Star Wars movies and have continued making music and acting. :-)

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You're so beautiful!!!

wow, this is so beautiful videos. thank you so much.

Welcome to Steemit! nice to meet you! I´m a Venezuelan guitar player, and I am a big Star Wars fan! I hope you can visit my blog soon!

Well kudos to benleemusic, and welcome......what a story! And very nicely told..nice to meet you

Who would not love Starwars and all those involved in that great movie. And now you are into Steemit! I myself am proud to belong to Steemit and have you a co-Steemit!

I totally speecheless what i say i cant explain the achievent you got in early age and still you are mindboggling and keeping your way on top of the top which is continuously raising your life with your hard work and luck to you really lucky same like you everybody cant goy this type of success in life you are really a aussies hero and simply saying melbourne beauty and gem you are a combination of many successful professions like singer song writer and specially the tv artist actress which is the more difficult art work i really wanna listen your music and your play i will see no doubt you will be awesome and we steemian appreciating you for this wonderful hard work really want to meet you and getting honor for your presence but cant because so far iam even cant touch your heights melbourne is my dream world city because listening the name from my chilhood due to my love for cricket world so best of luck God will make you better and better and bless you more in your fields you choosen

Thanks so much for your support! I'm so grateful to be on steemit :)

firstly:"@bonniepiesse" most welcome on steemit.
secondly: it is a brilliant introducing video, i hope you will get a good platform on steemit.

thank you for shear the good post.

Welcome to Steemit :D

We need more people like you on this platform. Enjoy and explore this wonderful community. Cheers!

"After high school, I just had this idea that I needed to come to LA… so I did!! I moved here for real in my early 20s and started on a journey of writing songs with some incredible songwriters" @bonniepiesse
Following and believing in one's dream is surely a win win game....
Many have fail to follow their dreams which have left them struggling throughout their whole live.

Hi there and welcome to steemit!!!!! nice presentation of yourself, it is great!!!!
good luck and i wish you a great day!!!

Hey bonniepiesse, It looks good to see something new. Dlive is a place of fun. There is a lot to do here. I like it I will try to come live soon. See you live with everyone.

Enjoy the world and inform the world :) Rizve Ahmed

You have such an amazing voice. 😍😍😍😘😘😘

I'm excited to see more musicians arriving on DLive to provide performances to the upvoters on Steemit! Welcome aboard!

I appreciate steemit as a platform without any content restrictions. And btw I am new here ^^ let's see what opportunities steemit can bring to my life.

@bonniepiesse love it!!! Once again welcome to Dlive ❤️❤️

Welcome to Steem. I run a monthly digital coffee house called Sounds of Steem. @isaria and @krystle help coordinate it. If you'd like to play some music for us live on air and get to know the community we'd love to have you. You can find us in Discord

I would love that @aggroed!

This platform really suites you @bonniepiesse..

Thanks I'm loving it!

Jumping into Dlive—A proper video introduction!! has been resteemed by @resteemmuse

Amazing community :) WOOOOW

Thanks for the great intro @bonniepiesse. It's great to have you in the community - you're very talented. And oh, I'd have to agree with your thoughts on Melbourne! It's awesome place :) i had really good times when I was studying there

Yes such a great place :) Thanks for your support, it's great to be here!

Nice to meet you @bonniepiesse and am glad you found steemit. Wishing you lots of growth and huge success on this amazing platform.BTW your video is fantastic :)

Hello @bonniepiesse, delighted to see your post about your performance as acrtiz, singer, composer. I identify with you about coffee, I like to drink coffee to do things and like Australia, my country Venezuela is a coffee producer. I hope your next post about coffee.

Kisses and hugs, dear steemit !!

Oh great! I haven't been to Venezuela, but I've certainly had Venezuelan coffee--very delicious!! Yes yes I'm sure I'll do a coffee post sometime soon :) Kisses and hugs!

amazing presentation. welcome!!

welcome to the community where it is easy to share good content and express art in its different facet😊😊

Yes I totally agree, thanks @imammugi!

Ok, tanks frend😊😊

Okay, I'm star struck... As a huge Star Wars nut, it's so awesome to see you on here. My jaw literally dropped when you said who you were in the movie. I had no idea you had even been on Steem!

Welcome to DLive and thank you for that awesome amazing montage/introduction of your life!!! It's so awesome to see you here and great job on this video!

Thanks @spenceryan! @markvicente really did an awesome job with the video :) He just joined Steemit recently and you were one of the first people I told him to follow--your videos are awesome too! Yes the Star Wars thing has definitely been life changing, such a fun and meaningful thing to be a part of!

He did! He did an amazing job. The video was so well put together!

And thank you! Honestly, I'm flattered. I'm also slightly embarrassed that I just now found you. It looks like I need to be more diligent 😅At any rate, thank you so much! I'm looking forward to seeing more from you!

Haha it's great to connect now! Thanks again for your kind words and also looking forward to seeing more of your posts 😀


Yes absolutely! It's a very exciting thing to be a part of!

Great great story and i loved the article <3 Best one.. Too much appreciated <3 Welcome to steemit :)

So glad that you are on here. What a great post. It is refreshing to see you get a proper welcome and make the trending page. We were talking about this post in the discord channel this morning. Great work, and I can tell you are going to be well accepted on this platform. Btw we are neighbors. I am down in San Diego. Have a great day!

Oh nice, thanks so much for your support and nice to Steem-meet you @captainoviou3!

guitar is a very nice instrument, in your pass time you can simply relax and enjoy

Yes I totally agree :)

excellent video and great article,,,tnx for the post

Thanks so much for checking it out :)

This is an awesome post/video darling and I am so proud of you and Mark!

absolutely exceptional work. It is great to see such fantastic content inside the Steemit community. Your story is an fascinating one. Upvoted and now following :)

Thanks so much @gooddream! I'm very fortunate that @markvicente did such an amazing job on the video too-- and grateful to be here!

Wow Star Wars on Steem! & you can sing & Play guitar?? Well sheesh god bless the child that can hold her own! Salute and praises for your presence too ..great intro and good luck I’m sure it’s on your side!!

welcome to the community where it is easy to share good content and express art in its different facets

Yes I love that! Thanks @sesshomaru!

lots of likes

I've had a lot of support, thanks for checking it out!