I'm Grateful for Your Upvote... Even If It's Not Worth Money

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A Little Backstory...

The other day, while reading through some Steemit blog posts, I came across an article of somebody actually complaining that they receive a lot of votes but that they weren't worth anything. This caught me off-guard because I had never even thought to complain about this. I mean.. how could I?

Perhaps the monetary rewards on Steemit have made us forget the original purpose of an upvote on social media and how we can use those upvotes (or flags) to benefit us as content creators. It goes much further than the dollar amount attached to it, and in today's video I'll share why I'm very grateful for all upvotes I receive, whether they benefit my wallet or not.

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It's not about the money but the impact.

Agreed 💯%! And when people like yourself come along with monetarily rewarding upvotes, that's just icing on the proverbial cake! Thanks @dhenz!! 😁

Well said Brandon! When I first started following you my upvote wasn't worth anything, now it is 1 to3 cents depending on my VP, which always seems to be low since I upvote lots of stuff. LOL But someday my VP will be worth more! LOL :)

That’s the spirit @mrchef111 a brick wall is built one brick at a time. Before you know it you will stand atop a castle rampart.

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hahaha that is very true Torrey! And I do like castles! hahaha

That's a great example of the importance of consistency here.. on both of our parts lol.

lol totally! haha :) I can't wait until my 100 % upvote is worth $50!! LOL :)

we love you handsome @brandonfrye

every human is up for grabs :P you too @torrey.blog :P

LOL thank you!! :)

I assume that he must have been a newcomer or maybe someone who has been told "come to Steemit and the money will flow." Everyone should be grateful for every upvote they receive. Literally everyonebut people often need a reminder even for the simplest stuff.

Actually, I believe he has been here a while.. which was even more surprising. But apparently he's only here for the rewards, which is somewhat understandable with the way people are marketing Steem out there.

Yea, It might be necessary to build the user base. The main difference from mainstream social media is the rewards here. However, no matter which network you join, in the beginning when you don’t have an audience on or off the platform, you have to put in the work to build the audience.

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I have noticed this more as I have expanded out to more followers but I really don’t mind for two reasons. First, it is more of a factor of the decrease in price of STEEM which has really increased the bar of when the vote is worth more. We know that it is undervalued so imagine when the price comes back and you have those upvote back? Lastly, I have noticed that my reputation is gaining faster from the upvotes again without considering their value. So these are additional reasons you should still want more upvotes!

So true. Just because people's votes aren't worth anything today doesn't mean they won't be tomorrow. And you're correct, reputation will still be gained. Plus, the benefit of being able to gauge your content and see how it's doing.

👊👊 you said it @brandonfrye

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Totally agree! I'm glad someone has said this.

It really blew my mind to hear somebody complaining about receiving upvotes lol. Sometimes we just have to get back to the basics. :)

I'm grateful for any interaction with my posts or comments, even downvotes!
I realize that I'm not entitled to people on @Steemit paying me money.

Has @Steemit graduated networking dopamine to cash from Facebook's likes?

Great points that inspire me to continue despite not having vote value. I wilk someday and that will be a great benefit to the platform as a whole.

Thanks for this post! I´m glad someone said it:) Resteeming.

Absolutely! And thanks for the resteem! :)

You got it exactly.

Vote and resteem ;-)

I always appreciate every up-vote I get from anyone here one steemit.

Thank you for the video! It's funny, I was just about to make a music video about gratitude. Wow!

You deserve every single vote you receive and more Brandon Frye. Thank you for providing this community with value and support on a continual basis 💪🏻

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Sometimes it's embarrassing to only be able to give a $.02 upvote to things I really appreciate; I just have to remember that when I started my upvote never even moved the payout number at all...

It never occurred to me to complain that I get simple upvotes - probably because most people I interact with are giving their best and that voting power gets drained so fast...


Here's the kicker...If someone upvotes me, it gets me on their radar and vice versa...Which translates into...More opportunity to spread my brand and engage with others!

I don't care if your vote is worth a fraction of a penny or even a whale upvote....I appreciate them ALL!!!

That's the difference between people who understand influence, compared to those who only understand pennies. Those who understand influence don't count pennies, count influence. And will in the end receive dollars, and not a few of them.

I'm glad you brought up this topic!.. here's my .001 upvote ;-)

I think interview videos probably do a little better because you bring in some followers from the person you are interviewing.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks for taking this point home @brandonfrye
For as a plankton myself, I know that my upvotes doesn't amount to anything this time. But all I am hoping for is that it might give the content creator an encouragement/push to keep him going.

you inspired me man to get involved in this platform, i am really grateful to you, although i am struggling now as a minnow lol, its still about the impact!

Love your tutorials! Easy to understand and yet very informative. Thanks!!

Everybody can't think like you man 👍👍👍

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Thank you @brandonfrye for this Post. You are a man of Humiltiy and it's refreshing to see in a sometimes cynical world.

And yes more than glad to give you a nice Upvote :)

Greatly said.
It is always about the thought, and support and if people are here just for the money than this might not be the right place for them.
Have a lovely day @brandonfrye

amazing post the title got me to come here
"I'm Grateful for Your Upvote... Even If It's Not Worth Money"

@bradonfryeI've transferred 0.05 steem to you and haven't received upvote from you .may be it could be some network error or something else???

Hi @aruny, it looks like it’s not time for my account to vote yet. There’s about 20 minutes left. You can check https://steembottracker.com to see the current bidding round details. Let me know if you still have questions.

As a newbie, I am very happy about comments and upvotes. My upvotes have only low a vallue. Hope that it will increase.