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"Before you can start streaming on DLive, you need to download encoding software, and then set it up. OBS is the most popular free and open source software for broadcast streaming. In the first beta version of DLive, OBS is the only encoder we support." - DLive

Download OBS encoder here

My video is at DLive



thanks a lot @champagnecrypto you are doing good job I just watched your informative video from you tube which you've prepared a few month ago and as a new user I've learned something and in that video video you also were same as we :)

Nice man
Followed you on YouTube as well

hey, on my way to 500, currently at 73....kaboom! @champagnecrypto

Thanks for post

KaBOOM! Just joined and you are my first upvote! 20160823_195041.jpg

Steemit members growing everyday. Channel growing much faster here than over there on the Ytube. Thanks Champagne for showing us Steemit. I'll be Steeming everyday. KABOOOOM!!

Thanks for the information. I gave you a like and follow also.

Thank you for guiding about Dlive Streem. Really helpful for me @champagnecrypto

#Kaboom. Very helpful. Thanks.

Hoping for dlive to enable other broadcaster usage. obs studio always cuts my frames in half even when using low settings

kaboom , champ!

Thanks for the guide @champagnecrypto. Let's get another live!

Dane wonderfully

Thanks for the info

Excellent info - thanks!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

very helpful, thank you very much

Wow thanks for the info

Gracias por el tutorial, aun estoy esperando algun toturial en castellano.

Thanks for posting information

thx for your tuturial, willhelping a lot of people 👍

Dude, thank you for this. I needed this so much!

Thanks for the excellent and quick explanation! Looking forward to experimenting with the livestream and video platforms on steemit!

Time to go live Steemians!! :D

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