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RE: Attachments Part 2 with 10 SBD Easter Egg Hunt

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YES!!! So excited to see a sequel. This is six minutes packed with so much wisdom.

Don’t should on yourself, and don’t should on other people! -@ogc

Seriously though, I love this! You guys gave some awesome real life examples of how this comes into play. I’m definitely guilty of thinking traffic “Should” be better at certain times.

Ok you guys don’t have to send me 5 SBD if I “win”, but that thumbnail is freaking rad! So much Charlie angels action happening there! Not to mention the gorgeous background and then sudden and unexpected ball of fire! Haha looks like @joepate47 worked his magic!


Hey luv, totally forgot to reply 😬
Thank you so much for watching and supporting it.
The should is a great indicator and I must admit I still catch myself thinking it from time to time but it is great to have that awareness and now Peele to help catch me saying it.
Much love and appreciation Lea

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