[Live Stream]Gaming & UPlifting Music! Come say hi! [DUnite]

in #dlive4 years ago


Add me on steam to play!

[Stream setup]
2 PC setup with Elgato capture card
Bitrate 1800 CBR
Output 480P 30fps
CPU preset is slow
Samson Q2U mic
Logitech C270 webcam

My live stream is at DLive


Bye all, tnx for nice stream

Hi bro, chicken dinner please :D

Yep, I try to do those every day.

I used to struggle figuring out what tags to use. Not all are equal. And if it helps me, it might help others.

wow very nce post

What tags you use dictates where your post will show up.

Delay does help in this convo lol. You are right that the Top 25 tags might not be as important due to market saturation.

However, I also do the top 100 as well, and this is in multiple categories.

This can show tags that have a high payout, but little posts in comparison. It can also show which tags get the most amount interaction. The Top 100 is definitely more informative.

I pull the info from the list of tags on steemit. This goes into a spreadsheet where I do some comparisons.

Just stopping by to say hello, check out your stream

Had to look it up:

Overall: #1 Steem, #4 Steemit, #17 Music, #28 Gaming, #34 Funny, #40 DLive

Those are all the tags I could find that would apply to your current stream.

Thankfully with Dlive it's not as important due to be able to use so many tags. But with a normal Steemit post it's very limiting and tag choice becomes more important.

You are missing music and funny.

I'm not sure. If you try to edit your streams Steemit post then it will give you an error until you drop to 5 tags.

Are you quitting your stream on OBS before you hit end stream on DLive?

I was having that error before. I haven't had it since I started ending the stream by ending OBS first.

nıce stream

Alrighty I'm off for now. Have fun.

I find it hard to do all the thing I need to in a day, livestream myself, and check out other peoples stream. So I understand. But on the day's I do get to check out others streams I try hanging out for a bit.

Hi dude pimp your gun 👍

Same. This is the only platform that I've watched other peoples streams.

So how do you like DayZ on crack?

lol yeah PUBG. I'm not sure if you played DayZ, but that is what this game pretty much is.

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