Announcing DLive Beta

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Hi there,

After a month of development and an alpha test, we are happy to bring DLive to the public and show you how to use it ( ). We recommend Chrome as the test field.

What is DLive?

DLive is the first decentralized video live streaming platform on Steem! It can be seen as the Twitch on the Steem blockchain including, but not limited to, gaming contents. You can learn more through this link:

Let’s start it!


We are using SteemConnect as our login tool because it makes STEEM login and key management much easier, and it’s officially run by . Here’s the link:


  1. We recommend broadcasters use OBS as our encoder.

  2. Next, fill in the description information and upload a thumbnail image.

  3. Fill in the post information and press post button.

  4. OBS setting, fill in the setting information based on the information in the DLive Live Streaming page.

  5. Start broadcasting: press the “Start Streaming” button on the OBS, then press “Start“ button on the DLive page.

  6. You can view your live streaming in your profile or new posts.

  7. After the broadcast, you can press end to end the video section, and you can download it later.

Video Upload:

We are also supporting video upload on our websites. To upload, do the following:

  1. Click Upload

  2. Select a video less than 1 GB, fill out the post information, then press “Submit.”

  3. Post the video on Steemit.

Technical Implementation:

If you are interested in the implementation of DLive, you can learn more at this link:

Thank You and Follow Up

It has been an exciting month for us and we are very happy to have the community’s support.
A special thank you to all of the Alpha Testers:

@A1ronMan @ekushya @Hero333 @nuagnorab @PlanetAuto @teknow @bobdos @Simgirl @coffeenut @DeWallenBand @Flauwy @free999enigma @DenisKJ @globocop @BeekArt @sinned @IntuitiveJakob @MRJT @Ace @jmoriahVAVClub @Masterwriter @sinzzer @theaustrianguy @mgibson @Maximusmaximus @kevin44 @teamhumble @r0nd0n @RickNassar @skpjr001 @thesassysergio @shieha @sirlunchthehost @Huskyhunter @Techtek @Stuntworks @TerryBrock @vindy @Steemer @Vhailors @waiyee422 @alola

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback. You can comment the bugs you find in our feedback section in the DLive or Slack group. We are looking forward to serving you with better products.

DLive Slack

Steemit Chat


@dlive Finally! This is some great news for the Youtube/Twitch gaming community! They will absolutely love the idea of being able to upload and stream their content on a decentralized platform like Steemit.
Do you have any plans on marketing the platform to those target markets? And do you plan on having an SMT set up so that Steemians can invest in your project?

Also, on another note, do you think that Steemit as a platform and Dlive may be at risk and targeted by the new FCC regulations as Net Neutrality is on the way of being repealed?

Thank you for your support! We are still super early and busy fixing bugs. All your questions are very interesting and we will take some time to think about them after we finish up the next upgrade of DLive.

Awesome for the twitch/youtube community for sure, I can def see a switch of users for uploads and great gameplay. Imagine a top streamer coming on board to the community. #STAYGREEN Great things to come, and glad im here to be apart of it.

Ill be doing live roleplaying and streaming live on GTA RP, PUBG, & other games at request. Be sure to check me out sometime.

Oh My my My Gif.gif

hey ! this is Waleed abbas i want to know about this product. first of all i would like to appreciate the effort. please let me know if i can use it with live Chroma or green screen setup.

love the idea .. but is it going to beat the heat of steem ?

Not sure what you mean. Steem has not been appreciating as much as all the other altcoins out there. That does not mean that we do not see HUGE value in it. I think that Steem is one of those tokens that is VERY under priced by the market.

To be honest I just recently found out about Steem and did not really think about it as an actual currency.

I think of it more as a participation token which allows you to use this wonderful platform as well as to participate in its growth :)

this is the same case with me i was also wondering !!

That's the good part.

as long as Steem keeps printing coins, hard to say its considered under valued

But all coins are being printed until their caps are reached...

And until they hit this hard cap its hard to says its undervalued

We need a a lot of inflation. This engages writers to keep writing.

steem is overpriced as per economic standards .. its just getiing ssssteeem

I certainly can appreciate your point of view. As the joke goes, our opinion on the price/value of anything is dependent on if we are buying or selling it ;)

I also think that all these new projects being built on top of Steem are only adding value to the token, similar to how ICOs of ERC-20 tokens add value to Ethereum.

I'm new here but i totally agree, a few week ago a heard about steemit and didn't give it much thought. Today finally got into it and i learned that there is, steepshot and now dlive. All of this with the same account. I love it !

Right on! Steemit is becoming a portal/platform for so many more things! Love it!

I agree @ebargains soon Steemit will become a huge platform for many things.... i am excited for that....

yes I also like this new beta version of the dlive. I heard about this. Nice version. Best video sharing platform.

thanks for support . new wisher of you .

Great initiative I must say. I'm especially happy with the way all these is being built on the steem blockchain. STEEM value is sure gonna blow with this new dawn and we'll all be better for it.

I'm definitely checking out DLive.

Right, it's a wonderful currency, everyone is talking about it, I think it will know a big explosion
Finally, thank you for sharing the information

1nice information, thanks for this

Can you upload to dlive from a mobile device eg android platform?
Dtube wouldn't let me. And when it did let me the damn video didn't play. I don't want to sign up and waste my time again. And anogher question is it secure to give them our master password?
Makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

did you get the answer?

I know right! Im happy about it :)

Excellent work, Guys! I can't wait to try it out!

Awesome initiative! Can't wait to see you replace twitch ;) Resteemed for support.

Oh yeah!!!!! let's take YouTube Down!!!

Nicely said! My sentiments exactly!

And bring the content creators and viewers Up!

This is awesome!
I've been going around from streamers to streamers who I know got banned from Twitch or demonetized on YouTube, but who have an audience and told them about DLive. Will be awesome if they now have something to try out immediately :)

Keep it up!

ufff...nice...I 'm going to try this soon

The snowball starts rolling down the slope. Steem to take off to 10$ in the next few month! a side benefit.....this new platform could kick YouTube right in the crotch!

Let's hope so! That would be the best thing in the world right now!!!

Yes, I'm in full HODL mode right now. Steem is really the most undervalued coin.

Amazing idea and Steem is an excellent blockchain to build this on!

@Dlive & all contributors - You guys are f*cking awesome! I'm jumping on now to give it a try...

You make educating the masses about blockchain much more exciting!

Thank you all and much love from fellow #blockchain fanatic :-)


Thanks, g0nr0gue! We hope that we can provide a great live streaming platforms for the community! Let us know if you have any feedbacks, you can join our slack group or us.

We'll be in the loop w/ any feedback, no doubt.

Just joined Slack!

I'm going to do the same! This is an amazing project!

will try anything that's user friendly and practical. Upvoted

This could be massive also for the Adult Live Streaming business (e.g.: CamGirls), though would probably require its own separate site. Live Streams with a #nsfw or #porn or #camgirl tag could be easily redirected to an adult oriented site. DLiveSex or whatever name.

So I am guessing AVI format will not work and only MP4 does? Any plans on adding more formats and increasing the upload limit beyond 1G?

This is a great leap forward, we need more steem based apps like these one to target communities and niches. I hope more new steemians like me will this as a cue to help develop different projects that can bring more outside communities on here....Great work @dlive

Will you be creating a Discord chat for Dlive? So far things are looking good. There were a few bugs I wanted to report, it would be great to have a Discord channel for this project.

They have a slack but I havent seen much activity by admin, Join my Slack workspace!

And a few people who stream started this discord, I've found the people there to be quite helpful

Reblog’n and reply’n . This is something I’d like to get into after coming back in from a bit of a hiatus.

The revolution is here. If this and iop or zeronet we are live all the time

nicee sounds good

Great great job , thank U for the development and effort

Looks awesome! Can't wait to try it out
It's getting a little tough keeping up with all these new and innovative projects lol

Thats cool!!!

That's great!
I just tried it out and got a lot of viewers! It was fun to livestream :D

I had one problem; I couldn't see the comments of my viewers. It showed 0 comments on dlive but on Steemit it showed replies to the livestream post...
Also, is there a cut on the payout?

  1. We are fixing the chatroom bug right now. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  2. DLive does not take any cut from the content creator!!!

That's nice that dlive takes no cut from the content creator, but what about long term funding for the project? It would be interesting to find out, or if it's already been stated I apologize for missing it... :)

Hey there, what do you put Into the Encoder Authentication field shown above, mines come up completely blank unlike above.

That's a bug. I didn't have this problem. You should wait...

Ahh ok mate, thanks for the reply :D

@hitmeasap don’t you do video game livestreaming? You should give this a try!

Is there any step-by-step links for setting up a live streaming? I mean from buying a camera (or use your smartphone?) and downloading apps... For instance, I don't even know what OBS is... ^^

  1. download OBS here:
  2. setup OBS following instructions provided in the post. If you are super new to OBS, you can youtube a tutorial video about how to set it up. We will create a tutorial​ video soon for DLive.

thanks for your support.

it's great to see steem connected services are expanding this fast, pretty soon we will have everything we need under one roof.
I have to come up with something to stream fast.

I'll give it a try

Yes.. This is awesome!!
I have been telling so many people about this, and how live streaming is the BIG thing right now.. So a Live Streaming Service that pays you in crypto will be the biggest thing I think for STEEM and Social Networking right now!!

thank you for the information

definitely interesting to learn

Thanks for your interests! Hope you can enjoy it!

where can i learn?

Did you read the article? Jump on Slack, join the Steemit Chat & read this for a more techincal overview :-)

I read the article but I have not understood

Wonderful! I'm happy to see it works in my Pale Moon browser (unlike D.Tube which shows only a blank screen - @dtube) and videos play smoothly.

upvoted & resteemed by @edward.maesen


i'm super excited for this. i did tune into the slack in the early days but after things did not seem to be happening i kinda lost interest. now that your are officially launching i'm guessing i'll be back to play! :)

Still it is same like alpha. It needs a lot of attention to become perfect

very little is built first time perfect. that's why we have alpha and beta

Dude - what? How do you have time to train and totally revolutionize the blockchain at the same time???

the fields are coming up blank

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 2.59.47 PM.png

thanks for your feedback. Could you give us more detail info? like what browser are you using? how often does it occur?

Yes this happens. Close or clear your browser cache and retry .

Mine comes up blank also. I'm using Chrome on Mac Version 63.0.3239.84 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Sounds like an interesting project, first i've heard of it!

@ebargains Exactly! I was wondering what the results from the FCC were, I read the wikipedia for Net Neutrality it looks like it will be repealed 3 to 2 votes in favor :D...

@dlive I will be getting back in my gaming days, :) used to be part of the best team in my home country :) they are still playing brood war in clan wars

Thank you for the opportunity to provide more content to the platform and I hope everything works as well as in Twitch in a few months :)

Great addition to the Steem blockchain, we have everything :)

This is fantastic!

I get so excited every time I see a new platform that uses Steem!

I love DTube and I am sure I am going to love Dlive just as much!

I have resteemed this post to help get it as much exposure as possible.

Can't wait to see how this will evolve as well.

Great information
thank you

upvoted, very informative post..i love it..

Dlive will change the game..

Good post @dlive

Very cool! Gave it a shot. Had a few issues with buffering, largely expected for a new service, and also noticed that my stream cut off when I stopped broadcasting instead of catching up to the end of my stream. That was somewhat more unfortunate, but I imagine it will be tweaked to function a bit smoother in the future. Super excited that this is a thing now!

Here I was, calmly clearing through the articles I selected and



How did you go about developing the application?

Great news, I will try to post my second one.

Wow! This is just what I have been looking for as I wish to do my gigs live on Steemit as I have been on facebook which, gets lots of views.

This could be the final push for me to leave Facebook altogether as Steemit with DLive streaming functionality, will now have everything I need.

Now going to get this set up.

Nice job & I hope this all goes well for you in the future!

Thanks to everyone that worked on this and made it happen. Now I can livestream on Steemit. Now maybe I can get the people from YouTube more interested in this. Great job and keep up the good work guys!

Master peace of nice wording I love it

The more apps in the ecosystem, the better!

Well hey that is really interesting!!! Thanks for the info dlive!

I just hope the disfranchised streamers hop on board and can understand the value of such a platform.

Damm this is amazing this is definately going to be big in future I am so excited. Good work mate and good luck with your work.

I thought yeasterday that it would be cool to have something like twitch based on blockchain ... Now I log into steemit and the first thing I see is this Post , this is awesome ! I can t wait to try this later

Hey @DLive weirdest thing, I have to use a VPN to use or else it sends me to an "error can't reach page message" on Brave browser (the best browser) and chrome. Any reason why?

Where are you at? It should be fine in most regions.

I'm in Pennsylvania, PA and I am currently on my college campus. Without a VPN I get this message: "A connection was reset (corresponding to a TCP RST)." I'm using Brave Browser and BetterVPN for DLive to load. Great job so far btw

Type in it will sure load. It helped me

I did, I just have to use a VPN

Interesting! I will have to check it out.

Looks amazing!

Thank you for your voice about the Konzhakov Marathon! I also voted for your article (although I do not understand anything about it :-)). See if there will be time for my publication. I'm not writing about finance, but about LIFE in all its manifestations. It is simply insulting that I can not share beauty and impressions with the whole world. Good luck to you brother!

Yours faithfully, @midural (Russia)

Great info! For our future video reviews in Indie Gamers Den community, this platform looks promising.

I will try it

thank you

YES! Let's get the party starting...

Asset 22@2x.png

Good initiative,will be glad to know more

Wow it means now I can earn as well make live streams.

Great initiative I must say. I'm especially happy with the way all these is being built on the steem blockchain. STEEM value is sure gonna blow with this new dawn and we'll all be better for it.

Great initiative I must say. I'm especially happy with the way all these is being built on the steem blockchain. STEEM value is sure gonna blow with this new dawn and we'll all be better for it.

I'm definitely checking out DLive.

Wow this is an awesome development...... Am so excited to try this out....... Before I leave I will love to tell you that I am a great fan of your work

Great news @Dlive great to see that platforms like DLive have started already. Will love to see how this pans out for you guys.

i checked it out as im a gamer myself and all i saw is gsgo livestream which is fine then a stream called cryptohoe which was not what i was hoping to see the community right now of dlive that i saw wasent appealing

So what is that YOU wish to see on decentralizedlive? If you personally do not like something, that's fine, there are obviously a bunch of people who do, I'm sure you noticed that as well. I'm not a gamer but I'm not going to call out gaming as something I don't want to see. Focus on what you like, not what you don't like, or start gamelive and restrict access to only those that meet your standards. The blockchain is going to give you a lot of bad times honestly. I sincerely hope you're ready for a decentralized world. Good luck to you!

This is an amazing advancement for so many industries and you may not like many of them by the sound of it. Tunnel vision is not the vision of the future.

wao!!, this is great man, I really admire this project, is facilitating and also knowledge transforming. Keep it up bro.

Magnific initiative! Youtube is going to have some hard times in the near future :)

That's what i am going to say.yes you guys made it.and there steem is now we can share our thoughts in live. I am 1000% joinig on D Live.

Hey @dlive, are you guys associated or connected with @dtube? Or is this STEEM app totally separate?
Just curious.
Keep up the awesome work!

We are not connected with dtube.

Heh... Funny. Few hours ago dude asked me under my YouTube video about how to make account, can you stream on I said "no". Guess I have to update my answer and send him a link to this post ;D

Very nice content , keep it like this.

Wow, this looks really copl

WOW! It is a great idea that way i can upload my LOL (LEAGUE OF LEGENDS) plays hehehe.

BY the way, I ran out of steem power help me please by upvoting my comment!

Great initiative I must say.

Good Beta. than I wait full version....

very good, step by step narrative post. i am happy that DLive is not limited and we can learn more and more. it is needed for new meows like me. thanks for the post. i follow you. your posts are interesting.

it's incredible I really wish you the best of success @dlive

Extraordinary activity I should state. I'm particularly content with the way all these is being based on the steem blockchain. STEEM esteem is certain going to blow with this new day break and we'll all be better for it

Expect a huge explosion from Steem

Thats called a great news for all online users Everybody is thinking on it its a ossam really appu for Dlive and i definetly check it

can people tell me how my first test stream is going, it would be great to get some feedback:

such a great initiative for creators like me who are thinking of starting a live show on a such a great platform like steemit which i am loving it since i joined.

Excellent work, Guys! I can't wait to try it out!

drops mic this jus changed the FREAKIN GAME!!
no pun attended lol
but wow! reply with dlive & xboxlive/psn gamertags
Lets do a group video in GTA ?

i followed all the instructions, But i can't connect OBS to Dlive.
It always says " Failed to connect to server".
Any ideas how to fix it ??

I really want to use live streams..

did you figure it out?

not really yo
can't live stream
it sucks...

Great news! This will be wonderful for the community that applies to Youtube games. Congratulations, a question have any other plan with this new platform?

YES! I'm going to be streaming all the freaking TIME!

Getting Setup now..

I have it setup but after I downloaded the video the dlive link doesn't work.

Also the tags seem to be weird

Wow, this is great. I'm glad with the way it's built. Steem value is gonna blow with this.

Go go DLive !