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DLive Stars is a campaign where users are featured in the spotlight and titled with the renowned status of DLive Star. The winners are rewarded with a 60% upvote, but this isn't handed out to just anyone, becoming a DLive Star takes effort and commitment. These members of the DLive Community do everything they can, to produce high quality content and engage with their viewers.

The start of the 10th DLive Star Campaign will be announced in a separate post, at a later date.




| Cooking | Baking | Lifestyle |

Alphasteem is one of the many video content creators on DLive. Her high quality, diverse content and viewer interaction is what makes her a DLive Star. Make sure you follow her to see some of her vlogs, cooking & baking videos!




Streaming from The Abbey only on DLive

Vectorabbot is an extraordinary broadcaster. He does a great job engaging with his audience while playing a wide variety of gaming titles, such as Far Cry, Zelda and Batman!




super duper streamer

The-OraCool mainly live streams FortNite, but more importantly all his streams are entertaining and engaging. He manages to keep his viewers watching by always keeping it exciting, for example, trapping his duo's teammate in FortNite.

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Thank you Dlive!!! Woo hoo!!! ❤️❤️❤️ congrats @the-oracool & @vectorabbot

YEEAAAHH @alphasteem!!! Well deserved accolades!

thanks @coruscate! 😀

Yayayay! Congrats Lydia ❤ ❤

Congrats @alphasteem that's awesome! Xx

Thank you, alphasteem! Congratulations to you and @the-oracool!

Many congratulations to all the winners, they do an excellent job and their contents are very interesting.

Congratulations new DliveStars☺️


Thank you guys!

and CONGRATS @ALPHASTEEM @VECTORABBOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to all new DliveStars!

Cong Bro @the-oracool :D hey see the gifs , you jumped me :D

I am so grateful, @DLive! Thank you for your support and thank you for this most amazing platform; I have learned so much streaming on DLive from the community and have had a ball doing it! Always looking forward to the next stream and the opportunity to connect.
Congratulations @alphasteem and @the-oracool!

congrats everyone ❤️

Congratulations to the of you guys! @alphasteem, @vectorabbot and @the-oracool! You're all amazing guys! 😁

Oh, I didn't know about #DLiveStar , @Piccolo thanks for letting me know :P
I've heard that there was no #Polish streamer since it has started. I will be the first one in 10th edition ^^

Congrats! Cool streams!

GG WP, I tip my hat to all three of you

Congratulations to the winners! One of these days, it'll be my name on that list. Just you watch!

Awesome Job Ladies & Gents #DLOVE!!! Congrats to @alphasteem, @vectorabbot and @the-oracool!

Congrats all...

Very good boy... Congratulations my friend. A hug from Venezuela.

yes it's amazing when you do what you love! 😄

Awesome! Congrats to the Dlive Stars for this round....It's quite an honor and there are so many amazing creators on Dlive right now.

Keeps getting better and better!

Congrats again to all the winners!

Congratulation to all the winners

Congrats Dlive stars winners #9
I love online gaming too hope we could play each other :D

Good job guys!

Congrats guys well done! Keep up the awesome work!

Wow!congratiolations to all. The winners..my goal for now is to be one someday. 😊😊😊

congrats to all! @vectorabbot I knew you were a star the moment I first watched you ;-D

@canburaksimsek sana handikap oynuyoruz abi :D

Haha biz yaşlandık artık. Yeni arkadaşlara sıramızı verdik ☺️

nice the winner

congrat the winner

congrats the winner

Congrats to our fresh roster of stars: @the-oracool @alphasteem + @vectorabbot - Shining so bright in here, I need sunglasses ≧◉◡◉≦

Big congratulations to @the-oracool @alphasteem and @vectorabbot!! Make sure to dodge the paparazzi at the hotel!


Congratz Oracool :)

very interesting companion @dlive, good luck