New Campaign Announcement

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Hello everyone, 

We are so glad to see that DLive community is getting more and more support. We are thrilled to share our next campaigns plan with you all today. 

Join us on Discord

1. DLive Gaming

Tag: dlivegaming

This tag is for gaming streamers.


  • 15-20% vote from DLive for each DLiver. Each DLiver will only be rewarded once.


  • Post on steemit with a screenshot of your window and mention @dlive with the tag DLiveGaming
  • Join us on Discord. Post your screenshot and DLive username on our Discord in the gaming channel under DLive Creators category
  • Duration of each live streaming must be longer than 20 minutes
  • Must be a follower of @dlive

2. DLive Stars

Tag: dlivestar

This tag is for weekly DLive stars.


  • 50% vote from DLive. (With the current Steem price is around $500)
  • Resteem by DLiveStarBooster.
  • List the streamer’s name in weekly ranking post ( maximum 9 streamers every week)


  • Competition starts from 1/22/18 to 1/28/18 8 PM PST
  • Top posts on dlive trending with tag DLiveStar by 1/28/18 8PM will win. 
  • Have to be live streaming content
  • Winning live streaming broadcasters must stream longer than 30 mins 
  • Post with the tag #DLiveStar

3. Daily Reward Campaign For DLivers

Tag: dliver


  • 0%~8% vote from DLive for streaming and videos.


  • Must be a follower of @dlive
  • Post with a tag #dliver
  • Post will get upvotes based on: originality, the total number of views, the number of likes, content quality, video quality, donations received, and so on

Do not forget to join us on Discord! We are looking forward to seeing you on DLive!


Exciting stuff and nice to see here. I hope this becomes the new go to gaming platform!

Aww, thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Thats great news for ur,
Such @dLive community more supporting.I think the DLive Community is very good and everyone benefits from it .

Regards steemit .. let us upvote each other and followers.
Good I like you ..

Really great news for us! Let's fly together!

Absolutely I also worked on this Flatform of Dlive Really it's good work and for us.. @sumonsha

How does it work? please throw more light on it.

If I also think the same, it is very favorable, keep reaping success, best regards @dlive

What are people using as settings in order to get a more stable stream? Im currently trying to figure out a good setup, but having trouble keeping the stream moving flawlessly.

I thought it was just my terrible upload speed that was preventing me from being able to maintain frames, interesting to know I'm not alone. I would also like to know, obs doesn't seem to have many resolution/fps options.

Just a standard OBS 1080 setting should suffice ... that is kinda universal

This looks exciting. I can't wait to throw up a few gaming vids!

very nice post thanks

How to get the live stream on the front page? I made now 3 streams and none was shown on the front page, any tips?

Stream at 3 am I personally guarantee you’ll make the first page

Remember: 3am in one country might be 3pm in another ..

Thank you, you are right @gamerandgamer

3am in what time zone?

I was aware of Dtube for quite some time now, but I just found out about Dlive today. It's amazing to witness the groundswell of projects launching on the Steemit blockchain.

Thank you so much. It is such a great way to encourage people. I am really amazed to see how steemit community is putting work together for the blockchain.
Definitely, I am going to go live from the top of the mountain.

Hopefully I will join you up there!

Aww, thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

I think i will also try out @Dlive

Yes it's a top Flatform I appreciate your comments @suf1an

Thank you so much.
At steemit, we even need to work more hard to get more success.

I Agree with you friend. I Have Follow you

It is good start. Everyday when I see new initiative coming on top of steem blockchain and community is supporting it, I just see the future in which we all would be doing everything on blockchain.

Dlive is gonna be the next YouTube

It's the next Twitch & D.Tube is definitely the next YouTube for sure. is the next YT, might be the next Twitch ...

Hi @dlive, I am here to support this meaningful project by translating this post to Chinese in order to spread to the Chinese community.
Link here:

Upvote me if you like it!

nice post

This is great! Keep up the good work!

very nice:)

Great news for everybody I would also like to join and make it a success

Looking forward to doing my DLive soon 😬 #Dlivestar ⭐️

It will be better than periscope!

Hello dlive, I stream my shit on your platform every day, sorry if I destroy your platform with my stuff, LOL. Just wanted to ask, how can I get to your discord room

Very good news !!!

Join the campaign and waste your time.

New Campaign Announcement will be failure.

What the heck is Dlive?

@dlive is a great initiative. I did a few test runs and it's all super easy to use. The quality of my camera and mic were lacking though, I want to make sure I can stream good quality content, so I've bought new ones which arrive today.

Can't wait to get streaming. I intend to try and integrate dlive heavily into my health challenge which has been really successful so far. At the moment I'll use it to recap all of the entries and explain the next challenges but I'd like to see if I can use it to stream healthy cooking/activities - we will have to see!

Once again, great work guys and the challenge is a great initiative to boost involvement too :)

Yours in health,
Coach Ben

@healthsquared #coachben #sixweekhealth

All fine and dandy but coincidentally I tried to setup up OBS yesterday but it always says failed to connect to server just tried it again with the same result.

So I setup custom server like in a dlive tutorial using:

Please note that OBS will insert a space even if you copy the settings from

Oh and streaming over Twitch worked fine so it's not OBS...

i need to start the stream at dlive and after it sayed dont forget to start obs i need to fill in the login information. thats how it works for me

lets compete boys :D

I am followed you.

Not sure I posted right. I want to use dlive to add more comprehensive content to my blog posts - including text, photos AND video. Does this qualify for the Daily Reward Campaign?


amazing .. thanks @dlive . I post one day before yesterday that i am joining dlive but i can't get upvote from you .. now this time i am hopeful to get it ..

Dlive and Dtube are adding a lot of value to steem!

Great work. Will follow Dlive and will definitely upvote posts that contains good content.

@dlive Its the fabulous opportunity for the dlive community to get the chance. I also wan to be a member of it.
Thanks for sharing such informative post

You had me @ gaming. ;)

Wow this could be huge.

Great post for the us the gamers, thanks!

I think Dlive is interesting and I have been thinking about giving it a go. I did my first live on youtube the other day where I had way more people show up then I thought would. I have almost 3k subs on youtube though and they all got notifications when I went live. I just have this fear no one would show up if I went live on DLive.

I'm still waiting for the first dlive suicide. With any luck, if crypto keeps going the way it is, that person will most likely be me. Curse you crypto gods.
If you want a good show, remember kids to follow me... Well follow me on here I mean... not follow me in the whole suicide thing ...

i watch your information very.uesfull and supporting.

hai,dlive iam followd your post i like too .mutch thanks to you .

Like screenshot of my stream window?
Once the bug with disappearing stream from main page is gone, I can stream way longer then 30 min (like 10h) because at the moment I have to restart with new post like every 30min ~1h
So basically you can use all 3 tags at the same time but the 1st one just once?
"the total number of views" - so the bug with F5 adding +1 watching and view is fixed? Good to know :D

Yes, the screenshot of your stream window.

Great campaign!

its nice to read your post ,thanks for this good news

Love it. Congrats on all your hard work.

thank you so much for the support @dlive

Cool! I never realised D.Live! Wow! I planed to stream from my shooting range! How cool is that now!?

Steemians are awesome!


I can see this going bad real quick

I hope it will replace Twitch,because being better than youtube is easy.:)

I agree and resteem. Lets get started

I live stream on social all the time! How do I get in on Dlive?

very nice i hope you are always support to steemit members @dlive

New Resteem Service!

Click to check it out! :)

** This is a HUMAN service, no bots! :) **

is there a video length requirement for the daily reward @Dlive ?

It's a good opportunity for my and also all the people
Thanks for share this post
I like it

Previously I would like to thank Dlive who was willing to vote to me and allow me to be able to work. Please be heard in a relaxed manner. Thanks ...

What you think about India... Bcoz if this app like by Indians then u got maximum growth...

Why the hell discord? Its proprietary centralized app, while there is really free as in freedom alternative: mumble. @dlive

This is the only rightful time to do it.. Bammm.. Bam!

Hello @dlive
Great opportunity for all steamians .
Good thoughts it is useful for all steamians .
Keep it up!
Thank you...

Looking very good. Thanks for sharing!

Thats great news for you, Such @dlive community more supporting.I think the DLive Community is very good and everyone benefits from it . Go ahead DLive we are always with you.

am new here, can someone tell me what this is all about

This is very good news!

Very nice vision. More grace

Wow I am so excited to get on the Dlive community! What a great time and opportunity to be in the Steemit world!! Thanks for sharing!

Thats great news for ur,
Such @dLive community more supporting.I think the DLive Community is very good and everyone benefits from it .

very nice I am Followed and resteem @dlive

Great I @asadrg like @dlive and following it

Are you guys setting up something like twitch? Because if that's the case im following you! and might give it a try sometime soon! @Dlive

Is it already done yet?

See yah! :)

by seeing the comments i felt very happy and followed plllzzz follow back as i am very new here follow me everyone and get follow back with comments and upvotes...

I really like the @ dlive community, especially for game lovers must be very useful. This is the kind of community I expect.
this is my first post game,

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Honestly @rezawijaya just read about this, but, after reading a little and immediately look to I can add it Dlive This is the web / platform where DLive provides our place for Live Streaming (live broadcast). Just like D.Tube, @DLive also provides a place to upload Video. But, the point is the problem in DLive is live broadcast (live streaming) here we also get rewards from him in accordance with the wishes, quality content and so on that we upload into it. fast you open dlive Because dlive is very useful for steemian all over the world20180123_012758.jpg

Things are going fast. Its like myspace all over again. Except we get paid

D live is interesting post, I like. expand the article again. always success.

I hope the dlive and dtube community gonna grow and make strong for everyone happiness.

incredible, I am very much looking forward to this, I have followed and resteem @dlive

great followed upvoted and resteem @dlive

Looking forward to doing some guitar jams on DLive :)

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Your post is very qualified, after I read your writing, I am even more excited about how to write a good and orderly. I am more looking at the order of sentences in your writing, and I like. Keep working..

jing jing!!! sweetie

its great news i just followed u and resteemed.. @dlive

This is awesome!

Looking forward to watching the Streams !

Great initiative guys! :D

Nice proposal! but I don't understand very well What kind of content does #dlivestar tag should stream?