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Hello everyone!

Yet another wonderful week here at DLive! We are happy to announce that we have reached more than 15000 weekly active users in our platform!

As you already know, we have weekly campaigns for our users. You can find our campaigns for the first week of February below!

Don’t forget to join our Discord channel!

1. DLive Stars

Tag: dlivestar

This tag is for weekly DLive stars.
Period: 2/2/2018 - 2/9/2018


50% vote from DLive. (That’s about 600 USD at the time of writing this post)
Resteem by DLiveStarBooster.
List the streamer’s name in weekly ranking post (maximum 5 streamers every week)


Please do note that DLive Star’s are selected depending on the quality of their stream throughout the whole week. The selection process includes the staff of DLive voting on individual streams.

2. Better DLive Survey

Tag: betterdlive

To improve the overall quality of our platform, we want your feedback and will reward your efforts for this.

What you need to do is, write a post on Steemit answering following questions: “How do you decide a stream is good or not? What do you think about DLive and how can DLive improve?” and briefly explain us why you started streaming on DLive, what are you streaming and how are you planning to improve your stream in the future.


15-30% upvote from DLive. (depending on the quality of the post)


We will be going through all posts and evaluate their quality, and only upvote those who were selected by our Admins. Each DLive user will only be rewarded once for this campaign.
You must have streamed on DLive before.
All participants must have at least 35 reputation on Steemit


Would be possible to use delegation wisely? I do believe giving yourself a $600 upvote is a bit too much. Delegation should be used to run the platform, at least the biggest part of it. I would say, given the amount delegated to you, a 10-15% selfvote makes more sense than 80% or more IMHO.

Hey @elear, thank you for your comment. The reason we were upvoting ourselves is to reach trending without any help from other third parties, or bots for short. DLive is still a small platform that needs more new users. We will be careful of this in the future. Thanks for reminding.

@dlive I perfectly understand but having support from other investors is part of the process. I would more go looking for continuous supporters than selvoting $600 and pushing yourself to the trending randomly

That sounds amazing mate as if I ever had such a successful post I would go bananas! I am not even a dolphin in the platform, I mean I would love to get my content trending if I could but I understand why people would get mad at somebody for doing something like this!

I like Dlive and long-term believe in it. However, why not use a WebRTC backend system like Jitsi instead? Even if it has lower scalability, it does provide a lower bandwidth solution that users from around the world can appreciate.

Trending can be reached with about 300 I think

@dlive your contributions to Steemit are wonderful. Dlive Streams are great for the community and the content is always awesome. Thank you so much. I would like to invite you and all who read this to stop by and join a contest called "Together We Build 4" Is it a great way to interact with the community and help others build on Steemit. Thank you. You are all appreciated on Steemit.

i am new in steemit . and also well wisher s of you..

I really LOVE Dlive and also this campaign. I am in support to help Dlive Succeed and an contributing to your campaign with this article I just wrote on Steemit Per the rules.

Please check it out and give me some feedback. I could be helpful with promotions and will do so anyways, but happy to collaborate.

Love it! And I can't wait to stream again next week! I've been a huge fan of live streaming for almost a decade now so Dlive was a no brainer for me.

I'll go over some suggestions for sure on the live stream but the issue for me (which isn't that big) is the lag and trying to get it as quick to 'live' as possible. Right now for me at least, there seems to be about a minute or two lag behind when I'm live and when my viewers catch up.

Not sure if that's a technical issue on Dlive's part, OBS streaming, computer quality, network or a bunch of other factors.

Regardless, that's minor stuff in the big scheme of it all and this platform will just continue to improve and grow by leaps and bounds.

Thanks for everything you guys are doing. I'm Looking forward to adding Dlive in my content each and every week for the years to come!

@jongolson I reduced the delay from 1 minute to about 10 seconds. My bitrate is 2000, on video setting have input set max and set output below the input resolution. Let me know if it reduces your delay and let me know if you need any help adjusting. I'm away from my computer so I don't have the actual input and output numbers for resolution in front of me but can get them later!

Awesome. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give it shot on my next stream.

Look forward to seeing you there Mr. Jon G Olson. My friend recommended you as a good content producer on this week!

Appreciate that very much :)

Thank you for your awesome comment! We are definitely looking forward for your stream. Generally, the "delay" happens due to the distance between you and our servers, the quality, the current server load etc. Don't forget that if you have any questions, feel free to join our Discord!

Amazingly if it works properly than many newbies will move forward to dlive...And hope it ll work so.....

It's been a blast, I'm really enjoying it and the viewers have been fantastic too! Makes sense on the tech stuff for sure. I'll do my best to make sure I'm coming across clear for everyone on the streams :)

For sure, I'll go join your Discord now.

imges nice

Nice job
If I have more powerful equipment, I'm going to start broadcasting better.

I publish the repetitions of the games I play now.
I want to get stronger with your support.

But I play all the games myself. Copy not content

for watching

yeah i was streaming a couple nites ago and it was almost 3 minutes behind "live" i was actually able to end my stream and go to my dlive page and watch the last couple of minutes of my 'broadcast' happen- that will make it very difficult to respond in real time to any viewers so I hope they find a way to resolve/mitigate thise soon.


if there is free time, visit my blog post @ulkembetil

Hi @dlive, I have translated this post to Mandarin in order to spread to the Chinese community.
Link here:
Upvote me if you like it!

Wow, it is so exciting for using DLive!

This is great @dlive. Its good to see progress being made on this platform especially in a time when many YouTubers are having their live stream capabilities taken from them. DLive can potentially be the perfect tool for people who are having their voice censored by YouTube. Keep up the great development work and you guys have my full support anything I can do to help the community grow. Do you have a Discord server for the DLive community yet?

WE probably agree on many topics, forinstance Anarco Capitalism, but there is one MAJOY topic where we yet do not agree and therefore I am BEGGING YOU to watch the 5 videos I posted under the tag #notaglobe ... the earth is flat and you need to wake up to it, then we can make steemit great:

Yes, indeed Dlive is doing exceptional work, one of the great asset for Steem Blockchain...

i wish you visit my profit as well SIr i am from pakistan thanks

Thanks for your support. Our Discord is

It’s certain that you could help the community johal. It’s so new and an experienced steemian with awareness of how it all works and how to beat reward content that benefits and grows the platform, would be a great help. If you have any time of course, which everyone seems to lack. Alx

yeah this is like music to my ears!!! I really want to get into Dlive as much as i got into @dtube! so I will be testing it out soon!! @thejohalfiles I dont know how to find you on discord chat, i always used steemit chat! I wanted to say thank you for the support!! I just became an ambassador for promo steem and will be taking over london, Matt mentioned you are really supportive of promo steem which is so sweet of you!! I hope we will get to talk on a radio show soon!! :)) Alla x

Love and suport what you are doing @DLive

Much love and appreciation.

Here is my #betterdlive post to help spread the message :)

Hello @dlive I'm new on this live transmission world, but I decided I wanted to try it. I'm a graphic designer, I've been collaborating with some projects here on steemit and also participating in some design contests. I wanted to make a live streaming of me doing a promotion poster and ended up kinda frustrated, I downloaded ons, set everything as it appears to be good, and couldn't get a previo of my screen being recorded. I was trying to find the "beginners checklist" but I couldn't find it. Im sure that is me that's doing something wrong and it has nothing to do with @dlive or OBS, but I'm still not getting a transmission, do you have any tutorial for dummies or something I can read? and by the way, this sounds like a great contest, I'll be writing a post about good streaming, how to improve a good streaming experience and what can be done in order to make this platform better.


Hello @dlive thank you for the opportunity to give our input. You can read my response here:

Awesome aiming to the dlivestar soon?😂🍿

May I translate this challenge post to myanmar language ?

Decent employment

On the off chance that I have all the more effective hardware, I will begin broadcasting better.

I hear ya, I got crappy hardware myself'

I did this contest immediately, since i saw it at the right time of night, and because it's the one that's reaching out to us in pursuit of more feedback moving forward, and more and better evolution in the future. Not sure if i should post it in the middle of the night, as i would most definitely like the hours of effort it took to make [and record it's making], to see it considered seriously!

I found Dlive a couple of weeks ago and i am very pleased with this feature on steemit. Have been looking to a couple great streams.

But i wanted to go and stream myself, but my gaming activity is on PS4 and i don't know if it is possible to stream from ps4 onto Dlive. And if it possible how i need to do that.

Already found it on the discord i suggest everyone who is into Dlive join their discord. Looking forward on setting up a fortnite stream!

Nice post, just learned about @dlive today. I have been an active streamer for five years on other platforms and I am very excited to start streaming on it this weekend.

nice job .i appreciate that vary mutch.

What a great post and congratulations to your reaching 15000 active weekly users! I'm personally a fan of using dlive and i will continue to follow and post regularly on dlive. I hope to see this platform continue to grow, and much love to the dlive community! @dlive I will participate in your guy's 1st week of February competition and i hope to win! Thanks!

What is this tell me about this?

That's a great channel. I wanna post something here any one help me here in upvote.

I made a video tutorial on how to setup OBS to stream on DLIVE

such a lovely platform, i wish i could sing a little, i don't know what kind of videos i can share on Dlive, but thanks for your post.

Mwuuaaahhh...that's right

I just find you and follow you....Your all post really awesome..I like you and always follow you sir...😍😍😍😍😍

Awesome competition @dlive! I will write a Steemit post and use the dlivestar tag.

Awesome news. I am excited to try it out. If there is any scope for free guitar lessons (like I used to do in youtube where I have 42k subs) then it will be great since i can always do afew times a week for my subs. What say?

Musicians get a great response from the users of dlive. You should do it !

Thank you dlive wonderful your channel ............i like this dlive your post .......

Congrats on hitting those big numbers!

I must try dlive!

Thank you for sharing!

I'm going live on Dlive for the FIRST TIME TONIGHT!
Super nervous, haha. I've heard good things from other Steemians.

Thanks for this opportunity. Will definitely try it out☺

This an opportunity for the Dlive users to prove their expertise in streaming if they will join your campaign. Good job @dlive

Vote and follow😁🙏

Kudos for the 35 rep limit. That's really not hard to reach

good tought !!This is a great way to promote D.Live, I won't participate, but I wish everyone participating good luck! and the most important thing - have fun.@dlive

Awesome guys! Getting to the fun right away. Was really waiting for dlive to happen and now it's here. Streaming on twitch for a year was a drag and compared to dlive it feels like theft now


Is this 100% SBD Payout really working?

Ive been choosing it for the past week and got my first rewards a couple hours ago but it paid me in sbd and steem. Can you guys elaborate this payment method?

wow it is awesome, i will try to do post. hopefully I was selected, this post is my resteem

Its working well
I like it
Its very helpfull

Good information

My reputation is only 25 on steemit. Now it time for waiting to join with you. As a new steemian i say it is exceptional one!!!! for new comer i can't//

Great job man, I hope it happen

I'm really excited to see Dlive grow and improve, I'll make an effort to check out what needs to improve on the platform.

My primary concern is how to get "Out there", how other people outside Steemit/Dlive will be able to interact with the stream and not be scared that it's not on Twitch etc.

Other than that, I hope to be streaming at least 3 times a week!

Hi DLive, to join Better DLive Survey contest, whether i need to stream on Dlive before 2/2 or i just need to stream on DLive before i create my survey post?

I would LOVE a 10 or 15 second rewind or fast forward button PLEASE! 👍🏼

dlive all new to me so will take a look thanks

Congrats on reaching 15000 weekly active users.
Have a great journey ahead!

15000 weekly active accounts that’s amazing, I can’t wait to see 25000 weekly active users next month ;) honestly this campaign is great! I’ve been streaming all week and will even maybe do a 12-24 hour straight stream this weekend! I’m getting excited for this campaign and the growth of dlive, the community is so refreshing even the discord has been really fun!

Also getting pretty hyped to reveal my first giveaway to give back to the community as well!

Nice job Dlive , i love the idea of this :D i hope i will grow like a PHEONIX to :D hehe seeya Steemians and have fun !me.jpg

Here we go!! :)

that's kinda huge. as soon as i have a new rig for streaming i'll be on there! :)

when i trying live steam i geterror on obs "could not connect to server"

Honestly really looking forward to the future of DLive and believe it has huge potential to engage with the enormous live streaming community that is continually expanding.

Wow, I really need to study and try this dlive. It is obvious a good chance to earn more steem.

Nice job
If I have more powerful equipment, I'm going to start broadcasting better.

I publish the repetitions of the games I play now.
I want to get stronger with your support.

But I play all the games myself. Copy not content

for watching

I am looking forward to this game ^^

Only whales are gonna win, there is no chance for people like us...
It is just waste of time posting and uploading..only rich will get richer..
poor will just waste their time...steemit makes rich richer..poor poorer...

Nice frand ,good luck..

Wowww great service!!! I'm hand made designer and i was looking for a similar service to stream my master classes 😊😊😊. At last i found it!!!

Im excited to see these live streams! The more diversity we can get on the platform the better!

nice and pleasant thanks

@dlive , I will be happy to boost the network by focusing on French speaking community which for instance is very few among steemians!

Great information

We're streaming The Drawing Show live every Wednesday at 6PM PST. We're still having trouble keeping our show coming up in the Live section of dlive. Come draw with us and listen to some tunes!

This is great news dlive is solid ....but one Question how to dlive using mobile because ObS have no android app ..I'm into live shows I need mobile help........dlive will be a multi billion dollar in 2019 trust me

This is a great way to promote D.Live, I won't participate, but I wish everyone participating good luck! and the most important thing - have fun.

have a great weekend :)

Thanks for the input, this will spark a lot of new ideas in the development sector of dlive. I hope you have a great weekend too!

I wonder is Dlive also based on blockchain?
And Related with steem?

Yes, DLive is built on top of Steem blockchain.

wow really :)
i want ask again
are Steemit, dtube, dlive all same company?

The blockchain is steem and others are built on it including steemit, dtube, dlive, zappl ...

oh i understood thank you !
but wonder again so all same brand company in?
or different companies?

I loved using DLive and would be posting more video up on it. I am little camera shy haha:)
I love streaming content from under lifestyle category mostly because that is what I find interesting.
The only thing that we should probably have is a mobile app so that I could do a live streaming on my cellphone and move around doing the live stream.

Congrats for the huge success...
Aim dlive got more more and more achievements :)

Hopefully this feb 13 we can use dlive for our first event sponsored by Steemit and TV interview

How do I join ur channel??

This is amazing and big oportunity! One question! If I create a dlive transmision in spanish , is a valid entry for the campaign?

Am new here ,how do i join the dlive on discord

Thank you guys for doing this! 😃 😍

Here is my betterdlive post

@dlive That's a great channel. I wanna post something here any one help me here in upvote.

@dlive discord url not working please fix.

Sad that the reputation requirement is 35, seeing as I just started I haven't quite hit that mark yet, however I love with dlive has to offer. The experience to set up a stream was easy enough. Sadly I got no views but hopefully that will get better in the future as I add better content such as a webcam and a second monitor.

Awesome Campaign Dlive! Keep up the good work!

Here is my take on the feedback :

Thanks for dropping by ;)

@Dlive Thank you guys very much, I think we all Dlivers know how hard you guys work. Thank you for the weekly campaigns
thank you for the new website,
thank you for being always there.

Congratulation is good information

Hi @dlive !Great initiative!
I think in the future it would be cool if you did the same survey but on the otherside, where you can only answer if you are a (regular) viewer and not a streamer so this way you can collect both oppinions and (try to) satisfy everyone. (because i think that the key is to attract viewers)

Great plateform, I wish you guys all the best !
We have never used it (to stream) but maybe it would be cool to do a Q&A with our followers once in a while during our travels (or while we wait in an airport^^)

Great idea man, i will forward this to the team!

I like livestreaming and will def check it out.

Many people in comments even don't know about post.They are replying just for votes.

what is dlive

I loved this survey. I wanted to share my experience with you so;
Here is my post, I hope you can make a good use of it :)