Update | v0.3.0: Performance improvements and bug fixes

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Hello Dlivers,

We hope you are all enjoying your time browsing or streaming on DLive!
We are proud to announce a new update to our platform that will improve the overall user experience drastically. Our most notorious bug where live streams would disappear off of the front page has been fixed.

The full list of changes to our platform is below.

  • “Live stream disappearing bug” fixed
  • All livestreams now autosave on user’s personal profile page
  • Overall site performance, DLive is 50% faster than before
  • Fixed the bug “When click on [Submit] it says [Please wait for video uploading]”
  • Added a button to allow users to switch accounts in the [Setting] page
  • You will now return to the page previously visited after logging in
  • Added a Help Center on the top menu bar
  • Increased the limit of video file size to 2GB when uploading
  • Added emoji function in stream’s chat box
  • Enabled search function
  • Changed the url of the user profile to dlive.io/#/@username
  • Enabled users to open videos and menu items by right-clicking into a new tab
  • Added [Sign up] button on the website

We hope you all enjoy the increased functionality of DLive and we look forward to further feedback from our community for future changes!

Join us on: [DLive] [Steemit] [Discord] [Twitter] [Facebook]


Good news @dlive

It's more then great.. This is amazing news and I'm so excited. Can't imagine where our community will be in one years time.
Thank you for the update. I can't begin to say how much I appreciate seeing, and how much I would urge you to continue, being transparent with the community like you are in this post

Yeah @dlive! Best app on Steem! And best community on the web :) Cheers, friends.

Haha. I'm in love with you @dlive! :)

We love you back @drkent :)

Aw, thanks my friend @redjepi!

Great to see the continued updates @dlive. However I am still having issues watching streams without it stalling or stopping altogether. To be honest most streams are not watchable at all..I am constantly forced to refresh my browser.

One suggestion I have is that livestreams need to be better sorted on the site. Sometimes its not very clear what is actually live and what is a past recording. They are all bunched together on the front page. - In my opinion it should be modeled after Twitch as much as possible.

I am also curious as to how accurate the "viewers" tracker is. Sometimes it seems off and says there are hundreds of people viewing an old video.

All in all keep up the great work, I appreciate all you are doing here and this site has massive potential. With that said there is still much improvement to be made and I will do whatever I can to help support your project continue development going forward.

Hey @thejohalfiles

Apologies for the late response to your comment.
We want to thank you for your support and detailed feedback.

We are sorry to hear that you are having issues watching streams on our site. We have had reports of this issue and are working towards resolving it. We plan to implement more servers soon so streamers around the world will have better connectivity.

The website layout as a whole is currently being looked at and will be changed in the near future. The development team is aware of the viewer count bug and it will be fixed in the next update.

Again thank you for your support, do you have any favorite streamers yet?

I agree with you. great suggestions. on the other hand I think @dlive team work hard to improve the conditions. we glad to see this and we all expect much more things as dlive family because dlive platform have really high potential and it will be take a great place in all social media platform. thanks to @dlive managers, moderators and supporters like you.

I make comedy videos for dtube and dsound and I couldn't upload a video to dlive....I hope it changes

Swag news!! Hurray for the updates @dlive! Keep it up! Dlivers will be always here to support this awesome platform. God bless! :)

Thanks for the updates!

This is what I like to see!
Progress and upgrades!
Full Steem ahead~~*

Wow!! You all did a fantastic job with all the upgrades! I was used to posting many posts and to keep checking every few minutes if I was still on the main page! This was an incredible live stream I just had earlier! Thank You! You all are my hero's! #TeamDLive 😎

nice work guys. onwards and upwards. any chance you will increse the thumbnail size for gifs bigger than 1mb or ability to put in a url to our own self hosted gif for speed in the cloud so it's not on your server to get around it or is it just a load time thing?

Thank you for your suggestion @teamhumble. Added to our "to-dos" list.

i've got a bunch of things that would be awesome - i'll make a list/post. congrats on the recent update and thank you for the support in my tutorial videos, more next week ;) great to see myself on the help centre! :)

The site speed improvement alone just made it way easier to use on my cellular device. Just letting you know @dlive way awesome, your team goes above and beyond!

This update has been AMAZING! I was streaming earlier and realized just now as I went to download the footage that the video is still up and viewable! How long is that for 24hrs or so? It could be very useful in audience growth, for both the platform and the content creators.

Excellent news! I think its time for me to finally try out DLive!😁😊

We would love to see you on DLive!

Awesome 👏 Good job dlive

Finally!! “Live stream disappearing bug” fixed.
That's what i'm waiting for. DLive still the best. Thank you Dlive!! :).

Best app on steemit :)

Oh my, DLive! Love to see you guys improving, only makes me work harder on my livestream quality to bring content worthy of this aweome platform.


super pumped to see a bunch of my videos on the help pages! -- https://www.dlive.io/#/help -- feel blessed -- thanks for the support back guys! :)

Great news thankyou @Dlive! I appreciate all the hard work.

Geez...I just watched an upload of a live stream, and I have to say the DLive delivery was quite impressive.

Best regards!


These are all awesome updates that will make the site even more amazing!

Thank you for all the improvements!
Long Life DLive! :)

Nice! Keep up the good work and progression. I'm sure we all appreciate it! #DLive

Müthiş güncellemeler gelmiş teşekkurler...
İşlevselliği hergeçen gün artan @dlive platformu oldukça profesyonel ve adil bir platformdur...
Ben de @spyking kullanicisi olarak tamamiyle özün ve orijinal paylaşımlarımı yapiyorum buradan....
Canlı yayın gitar performanslarım oluyor(mini konser)...
Canlı yayın oyun videoları yapıyorum...
Sürekli takip ediyorum ve kendimi Dlive kurallarina gore gelistiriyorum....
Dlive da çalışmalarımın karşılığını veriyor.
Tesekkurler herkese hep varolun
Ben şuanki ve aklımda olan yeni konularla canlı yayin başta olmak üzere uploadlarimla sizlerle olacağım.
Gerçekten kendimi sizlere ve site arayüzünüze çok yakın hissediyorum...
Basarilarinizin devamini dilerim @DLive
Sevgilerle @spyking ...

great job @dlive team :)

is there a chance we could get a creative category soon? :D
just for us creative people :)

Great communication with the community :D

giphy (7).gif

I always get the media failed to connect to the server message on Dlive..
How can i fix this ?

The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.

this what i always get when i try to live stream..

I get that message too.

Hi @veganroma,
We're sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues. If the issue happened while trying to start a live stream, refresh the page to see if this resolves the issue. Sometimes the connection from OBS to the server may be delayed. If the problem persists please don't hesitate to join our Discord to get technical help.

Thanks i'll try that!

Great news the improvement and updates. More grease to your elbow for your effort to make dlive more user friendly.

this is a great post. i appreciate your post... thanks for sharing.. up vote and resteemit done

good news @ thank you for share

How do I go to a users page? Example if I wanted to go to @walkingkeys d-live page to see what he has filed recently, how do I get there? Do I need to be signed up for d-live?

Fantastic news guys, finally, I'm eager to stream again!!

nice stuff (Y)

thank you for providing so good platform to us !

Very nice update i proude of you

This is amazing! keep up the excellent work guys!!!!!

rly nice, keep on the good work.

It was very good to know the information was not known. You have a lot of fascination

Thank you, my personal favorite fix was “Live stream disappearing bug," this will allow people to stream for hours without having to end stream and make a new on just to reappear on the Dlive page.

yesss emojis 😍👌👍 waiting for the gifs now

Dtube needs tht too

Thankyou information

woowww is okee....
we look forward to further feedback from our community for future changes!
I am followed @dlive for best APK IN STEEMIT....
giphy (2).gif

Thank's ur good post! ^^


Hi I am Korean streamer

You can not open a server on the Asian side, right?
I believe you will open a server someday.

a big thanks to all developers!
It's getting nicer and nicer to be here.
Peace and a long life!
and may you never run out of coffee.


Good to hear, looking forward to utilizing dlive as well.

50% Faster would be awesome . Ill test it on Sunday :)

Nice. Dlive is already a great platform and these fixes will make it even better. Keep up the good work

Can't wait to enjoy these improvements!!

Finally the live stream disappearing bug is fixed. Thanks for it ad the rest improvements. Good luck with everything you do!

Thanks for creating an amazing application on steem blockchain, I included your application here, I hope you like what I wrote about dlive here : The best for growth in Steemit !

Very good news, I'm pleased, every time I get info about Dlive improvemets. It's great that dlive crew cares about development.

I know dlive, hopefully I can learn with dlive


Thanks you.....!

Amazing news.. hope to make a Live Stream as soon as possible! Well done @dlive team

Thank you dear @dlive for everything you provide us, I think you are in a wonderful and beautiful development. All of these reforms are distinguished, I expect you a bright future

I think system update was not useful for me because, one hour ago, only my and @fnryask 's game didnt upvoted among games visited by @imjohnnymills say whats up:) there was a system problem. some lagging game maybe it causes that we have forgotten. we are so sad :( now you can visit our games again. thanks. @dlive

Thank you @dlive team 💜

wow that was amazing...you are a great content creator...plz visit my account and upvote my post if you find that relevant and give some tips to improve account growth



Hi, I am trying to start a new live stream on dlive, but it keeps saying I am still broadcasting even though I stopped over an hour ago. How do I fix this issue?

Oh my goddddd!! Stream's not disappearing anymore! Thanks @dlive!

Wonderful news!

Do you guys have any plans to do mobile set up? I would LOVE to be able to stream from my phone and explore!

Always good to see progress and updates to a new platform! I'm really excited to see the potential of dtube!!🤘


Dlive is getting bigger and better. Go rock @dlive:)

Excellent post I congratulate you, you have my vote

Excellent post I congratulate you, you have my vote

Good stuff. Thanks

Of course. Thanks for information.

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Good work and very useful information


Exactly. I can out-think you. Artificial intelligence can only work for so long. Then, as the human mind becomes smarter, artificial intelligence becomes pointless.

nice work guys. onwards and upwards. any chance you will increse the thumbnail size for gifs bigger than 1mb or ability to put in a url to our own self hosted gif for speed in the cloud so it's not on your server to get around it or is it just a load time thing?

Awesome! Thanks for the increased functionality! I'm loving DLive so far and I look forward to doing my Joey Plays stream tomorrow night! (Well technically tonight now since it's technically morning here...well 12:44 AM EST as I'm editing this)


Thank you so much, guys!