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RE: Travel with me #117 : Taichung City, Taiwan & Dance Competition Results!

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@sweetsssj ,My dear friend Desede more than a year ago that I saw your trips and each one is better than the other, I was surprised because you had been more than a month without knowing anything about you, but I see that you were having a great time in this new country, really that every photograph or video that you show is impressive, but for some time I wanted to tell you something, you are a very beautiful woman, your face is like few faces that I have seen of your culture, I hope not to offend you with what I want to express, but you without that amount of makeup you are a beautiful woman, naturally, you see a very angelic face, I know that perhaps where you come from is something that is demanded and that is the duty to be, but I just wanted to tell you that you do not need to have your white face to look beautiful.
Thank you for sharing with all of us your followers all these wonderful trips you do. I am impressed by the color of the landscapes you visited this time, they are all very beautiful.


hi dear, I don't remember your friend, is he a steemian? Anyway, thank you for letting me know! Also the compliments are so kind my dear, I never really thought much about my face before, it's so easy to get lost when comparing to so many young and pretty girls in China nowadays!

Awesome. Thanks for following her. Asia is amazing. I was in Vietnam. Upvoted.

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