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RE: Steem Secrets #12 (Delivered By @maylyn09): Is An Upvote All That Free? Alot Of Steemit Speed-up Lies In The Answer To This!!! (On Dlive)

in #dlive4 years ago

To be honest, I don't look for content.. I support whenever I can regardless of what's inside the post. I believe each and everyone of us needs support especially the new ones..


I agree, sis ediah. Like the saying, "sharing is caring." We'll never know someday, somehow, one of those new ones will be a whale. Im pretty sure they will be looking for you and thank you forr helping them out and when it happens they'll help you in return of your kindness to them.

I agree!

doing so, will spoon-feed spammers who post less than 100 words and will mislead newbies to just post whatever they want without putting any effort to it.

If I see spammers, like they post 5 in a day and just plain meme etc, i still upvote 1 of their posts. Then that's all. There are few times I also upvote plagiarize, but I remind the person to give credit to the owner next time especially when he/she is also in the same groups where I'm in.

It's just that for me, not all spammers know that they are spamming. Not all users know that they plagiarized, they just don't know about plagiarism. They just need guidance and advice.

Very well said, sis @ediah! Instead of judging them, why not sift deeply about why they did it.

Good thing we have same views sissy.. 😘

On point. Plus, they can adjust with some care and education. There are many testimonies to that and one reason why untalented started

Absolutely, @surpassinggoogle. I just love the way you educate us with things we havent discovered yet. Youre trully one of a kind.

Exactly. We're just so lucky Philippines have many groups where we can and get help. Some Steemians find it really hard to join a group in their place because simply they have none.

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