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RE: New Campaign Announcement

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Would be possible to use delegation wisely? I do believe giving yourself a $600 upvote is a bit too much. Delegation should be used to run the platform, at least the biggest part of it. I would say, given the amount delegated to you, a 10-15% selfvote makes more sense than 80% or more IMHO.


Hey @elear, thank you for your comment. The reason we were upvoting ourselves is to reach trending without any help from other third parties, or bots for short. DLive is still a small platform that needs more new users. We will be careful of this in the future. Thanks for reminding.

@dlive I perfectly understand but having support from other investors is part of the process. I would more go looking for continuous supporters than selvoting $600 and pushing yourself to the trending randomly

That sounds amazing mate as if I ever had such a successful post I would go bananas! I am not even a dolphin in the platform, I mean I would love to get my content trending if I could but I understand why people would get mad at somebody for doing something like this!

I like Dlive and long-term believe in it. However, why not use a WebRTC backend system like Jitsi instead? Even if it has lower scalability, it does provide a lower bandwidth solution that users from around the world can appreciate.

Trending can be reached with about 300 I think

@dlive your contributions to Steemit are wonderful. Dlive Streams are great for the community and the content is always awesome. Thank you so much. I would like to invite you and all who read this to stop by and join a contest called "Together We Build 4" Is it a great way to interact with the community and help others build on Steemit. Thank you. You are all appreciated on Steemit.

i am new in steemit . and also well wisher s of you..