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RE: Steem Secrets #13 (Delivered By @geeyang): To Succeed With Steemit, You Will Need Your Very Own Conviction About Steemit/Steem's Beauty And It Will Have To Be Solid.

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Steemit is simply the best from all other crypto platforms including the incoming ico's. Its the social media platform in cryptoworld wherein we can easily persuade people to join the steemit wagon. In fact, there are hundreds or even thousands who join steemit daily plus the meetups initiative from our fellow steemians. Soon, we will be in the mooooon 😉


Absolutely @elizahfhaye, and that's the beauty of steemit! Totally it can bring us to the moon! We can all fly to the moon through steem.. :)

This is really a great community!
Congrats @geeyang

Now you got your break!

Im not surprised with this anymore, now you will able to influence other steemians with words. Keep it up!

Thank you @febradaytamarra :)

I think it's not just the moon, it's the galaxies in entirety, steemsecret is such a beautiful perspectives of one's experiences

haha i guess i would like to agree with this, we can go to infinity and beyond.

Yes, steemit is already past the moon.

Because the beauty of steemit is overwhelming.

Its superb

Blessings upon blessings on @surpassinggoogle for this initiative

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