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RE: Steem Secrets #12 (Delivered By @maylyn09): Is An Upvote All That Free? Alot Of Steemit Speed-up Lies In The Answer To This!!! (On Dlive)

in #dlive4 years ago

Let me pitch my tent here for now. I will read up later. My eyes are heavy for now


haha @emjoe, thanks for being honest... I know it's a long read... but trust me, it will be worth reading...

I'm sure you won't forget to read it later, as @ginabot for sure will give you tons of notifs about these comments here.. haha...

Very truthful for that words from you @maylyn09, as you deliver the Steem Secrets #12 (Delivered By @maylyn09): Is An Upvote All That Free? It also make me realized and ponder the sharing of upvotes can give special impact and admiration to someone else.

I just want you to know that I've finally read the piece from word to word. I have been following on Steemsecrets tips for a while but the day I saw his post, I was really having a lot on my head. if you checkout my account comment and posting history you will notice my scanty presence these past few days. I had to comment so that I won't miss it amid lots of resteems on various accounts.

You did wonderfully well.

To whom much is given, much is expected

I have been given much by other great Steemians, I now understand more the responsibility lying on my shoulders.

Thanks so much @steemsecrets and @maylyn09

Let me pitch my tent here for now. I will read up later. My eyes are heavy for now

Hehehe actually I love your sincerity though . Better than making a useless comment.

hahahha @emoje, I admire your honesty and unfeigned admiration. This secret revealed atlast by @surpassinggoogle is worth the read. Everyone can learn from it and that is what greatness itself.

You can always comeback to read it anytime you want. Go have your sleep.

Good night!

@onenecha, have a great day!! greetings from the Philippines!

@maylyn09, have a great day too.
Greetings from Nigeria

Jeez, e don reach to book a space? You guys are really funny at times,

You are really going to gain much reading it. @maylyn09 did a great job

upvote really have a big cost interms of blogging. thank you for the information @maylyn09

Ahan, these people want to bring nairaland pattern here. Please no booking of space or first to comment thing

This secrets are powerful and much mehn, i have done half, will funish up later. Chai bad habit

Sure! You can come back anytime you want! Just don't forget to resteem or bookmark it so you can load it at one tap

@steemsecrets is really a powerful community for the fortunate minnows new in steemit

Lol ataya oooo

i am pitch mine beside yours,

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