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Belonging to something better is what every individual fights for. Here on steemit, its either you push yourself or you die alone. Buddyup is a community of togetherness and our vision is as simple as claiming your payouts here on steemit. We are community with like minded people, and our vision is bringing our various talents together to inspire people and show them what hope is on steem. I've been with them not long ago but my experience with them is amazing. So far, there's certain people I will make this post incomplete if their names are not mentioned.

To begin with, @calumam, who's the head of this noble vision with support of @penderis and my beautiful sisters @monchhichi, @tamala.

They've been so helpful, this is what a community is all about, being there for each other and offering assistance from a clean heart. Thats what BuddyUp is all about.

I made mentioned of sharing our link so anyone who would love to join us can do so peacefully, and its here .

My video is at DLive


You're awesome @emmanueloppong!! We love having you in our little community, and thank you for the kind words!! This was great!!!

Nice post @emmanueloppong
Anyway to me i will give some shadaout to @kwakumax, @asarefrederick, @jacksonoskele,
@emmanueloppong urself all of you contribute in making a vision come through