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There's no place like home most especially when love with respect and happiness are filled up in the home you are from. Sunyani is the city am from, over here everything you want to eat, drink, wear is not a big problem at all since our official market day has everything we need.

I took a quick exercise to this market and the reason being showing all steemians how my city's market day looks like.. I always let the video to do the talking since that the purpose of this post.



IMG_20180314_142523.jpg .

My video is at DLive


Hey @emmanueloppong,

I noticed your other @BuddyUp video and came over to check out this one.

Your Sunyani market looks like any of our markets here in Jamaica. The wonderful array of ground, fruit and vegetable provisions, the clothing interspersed with rags and other sundry items.

It was LOVELY to see all of this from your #walkwithme video. It was like I was walking through the market myself, bumping in to a couple people and standing by that very last display when you stopped to wrap up.

I hope you do more #walkwithme videos like this. Maybe next time you can focus a little on some of the provisions in the different stalls and if you feel like, you could even do a few video interviews with some of the market ladies... and any other persons you see anywhere in your home city as you go about your daily activities.

I think that kind of people interaction would be popular here on Steemit. Just let me know when you do them and I'll be sure to come on over.

Thanks so much. Thoroughly enjoyed.

Upped and following already and going to FB/tweet.

PS btw, asked my @BuddyUp friends to come visit and show some love to this post. ;)

Nice post u geh @emmanueloppong thanks for sharing with us
But i hope one day the happiness of these hardworking women will be improved a little.