Grim Fandango - Live Stream - Part - 9 - FINAL

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Good evening everyone!

I'm playing a remastered version of an old classic called Grim Fandango.

I remember I utterly enjoyed this game back in the day (1998, I was 14).

I think it's the perfect game to give my wrist more rest before I continue my Street Fighter journey.

This is Part 9. We are in the home stretch. The biggest crime boss is after us. Can we prevail?

Enjoy the stream!

My live stream is at DLive


It's funny how we forget a lot of details after so many years.
But you did enjoy this game twice now.

Good evening friends how are you good hope you are detained beautiful, very nice video, sharing it with all of us, it's great for me to thank you so much for your video. In the coming days we want to see more of you like this video

Grim Fadango! I'm just getting to know about this for the first, ama check it out!

Seems like these slide machines were paying quiet well. Unfortunately without bet there is no reward. And the lady with sharp tongue and her husband. Wouldn’t want to get my jaw get broken by her 😆. I like the graphic of Grim Fandango and the overall sound. It’s even more interesting to watch you play.

Nice! I'm enjoying your live stream right now @exlye. The map looks really fun to play though some tasks are quite hard to understand. Overall, it's a good game!

I was 7 then. Time flies. Great game!

Yay looks like Dlive is working correctly again on Chrome @exyle when it comes to the elevator puzzle it must of had something to do with the numbers in the background above, it would of been cool if in that section of the game you had to wear different disguises to solve more puzzles, I liked how when you think its the end its not but congrts on finishing this exyle.

I missed that completely, guess I just got lucky there!

loved the stream you definitely did it thanks for sharing

I'm going to look for this game, it caught my eye hahaha

You are not even looking at the ACTUAL chat

@exyle seams like some great game, dident now it befor i so your dlive stream, realy love the grafics, have fun

you basically streamed a video...

thank you very much, dear friend, for the wonderful performance. it is probably very dopoge you once you got out of 14 years is

Awesome video my friend, I can't to watch you play.Grim Fandango is a really great game, and I know you will enjoy it. Thanks for sharing

good evening too.have nice evening and enjoy your game


Yesterday on my DLive not twitch stream I had over 600 COMMENTS because there were actaul people on my stream and not some retards who just upvote threw steemit without even looking at the actual stream

One of my roommates also likes old fashioned game, and keeps collecting actually.
Sometimes I play the game with him and have fun.
you might feel same as me

so you are lucky rite now sause on my stream where I am showing your stream are over 200 people (were 250)

You do realize that me and MY people are the only people here rite now? xD

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say "hi Carrioner and Twitch" if you are actually streaming and reading chat

can you even see that I am the only one around who is actually on your stream?

Good afternoon for you too, I will start watching your video

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Your game is fantastic , you are genious .. Good job .

Your post is always different i follow your blog and upvote everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @exyle

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On my streams I have ACTIAL people commenting and watching and not this bullsiht. And say hello to 200 ACTUAL people watching me showing them this nonsense

I'm going to look for this game, it caught my eye hahaha

some good old memories just revived again such an awesome game that is :)

this game used to be my favorite too so many memories it has :)

co się produkujesz carrio on i tak nie patrzy na czat