Current status and Dlive

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The reason i am writing right now is to inform you of another service which is allready operating quite well.
And since the problem with retention of files on Dtube were an issue many had,it could be the solution for that at least.
This service is Dlive - It takes its name from livestreams, which you can do. You can also upload videos. They DONT even take a portion of your revenue as Dtube does and file retention and loading rates seem to be better than Dtube. The way they plan to finance this in the long run - at the moment it is running fine allready but just so you can form your opinion on its longterm prospects - is through their own SMTs and potential premium services. I dont know what those will be, maybe things you cant really do purely on IPFS or the blockchain such as playlists?
We will see.

While i cant make promises on other peoples behalf, it does seem promising to me and for videos will definatly be a lot more fluent than storage at least on my current machine and espacialy connection (i am looking into possibly getting a better upload and when feasable renting a server with a connection far beyond any personal connection including fiber. Though, id think if i did that, id immediatly go for a bigger server espacialy in regards to harddrives and to that its quite a way as thats not cheap. Sending you to a service other than mine wont be helpful towards establishing enough income to do that, but dlive is likely better for you if its videos you want to store.) and retention is good. They say they save them "as long as you want" and it definatly seems like at least month old videos without any likes are still readily available... In contrast with dtube,i think the choice is clear.