Painting the walls and hanging the exhibition in two days :D 🍌 二日間で卒展の準備!

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Hello everyone :D
If you are wondering why I've been AFK so much lately, here is a video explanation :D


Last week my prof came by to see the progress and was shocked to find that the studio was still full of furniture and people (me) working on their paintings.

先週まだ全然準備ができてなくて、先生に怒られました(^◇^;) その前の週にパーリへの遠足も重ねて時間がなかったのです。

There was literally no time to prepare anything before, because of the class trip to Paris see some art and meet @howo for some beers (special thanks for the beers) :)

Long story short I gathered the best people around and got to paint the room and then hang the works in under 24 hours (plus time for the wall paint to dry) :D

I'd like to thank everyone who helped and supported me during the last 10 months here and in the studio.
It's been the most intense and fun experience until now.


Personal thanks for helping me paint the room go to Tenki Hiramatsu and Hojeon Lee <3, to Ryosuke Yamauchi and Rina Kurihara for helping out with hanging the pictures, to Anna Koepnick for collecting the money for the floor paint and @cryptoana for driving me to buy it.
If you wonder who all these people are, google them and discover the art they are making :) in the exception of @cryptoana who is a blockchain dev in the making.

Thank you all <3

My video is at DLive




That video was awesome! You have very supportive friends! Just know that if I wasn't an ocean away, I would be there to help too!

@karencarrens :D yeah It was a lot of fun and exhausting xD Probably because I also worked my shifts at the cafe in between.

Looks like a lot of work but I bet it feels good to have it all set up!

Congrats and did you throw some kicks at someone at the 2 minute mark? You looked really tired at the end.

@steemitadventure, yeah I had my part time job before that, so was kinda ded xD nothing wakes one up as throwing some kicks you know :)

素敵な仲間に囲まれて、@fukakoさんの学生生活は充実していたでしょうね。パリ旅行も楽しみですね! ^^




You were faster than Roger Rabiit. It looks like a lot of work. I know who to call now when I am painting my house.

Hahaha nah, I’m not into house painting xD

When will the exibition be?

Diploma one was only 2 days long and is already over 🤔
Summer exhibition is on until Sunday with a party at Schloss Schaubenhardt on Sunday evening.

I am in Strasburg on Sonday evening unfortunaly.



Oh I would love to hire a painter that looks that good and smiles that much, but you guys look like it could take you quite a while to get the job done and I would definitely open wine and rum at some point and then no work will get done which would lead to tequila, hahahahahahaha

yeah... im not exactly a house painter xD

Hahahaha, no I wouldn't think you a house painter at all and love the video you guys made, nice and playful.

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