Mene Jewelry Unboxing by @fullofhope

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Hello! Today I will be unboxing a beautiful piece of 24K jewelry by Menē, gifted to me from @goldmatters. My goal for this video was to make it nontraditional, and extra fun. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you so much to @goldmatters!!

My video is at DLive


Wow!! That was incredible! You did an amazing job @fullofhope :) I am so impressed by this video, the vibrancy of the colors, the timing with the music, it is something special. thank you for creating this beautiful video and for wearing your 24 karat gold Mene jewelry with pride :)

Awesome you liked it :))) I really appreciate the gift. Again, thank you!!

(totally wear it with just about everything lol!)

That makes me happy @fullofhope :) say hi to your wonderful family

Greetings, pretty Lady Fullofhope

I've never seen a girl as pretty as you in a video. It was really beautiful. Your hair, your dresses and your delicacy are lovely.

Besides, the scenery chosen is beautiful. I've never been in a garden as beautiful and green as this. I just saw it in pictures and now I see it in your video done. What do you call this garden??? Is it a garden?

In both parts of the video, when it is dancing, it appears on a street and when it is opening the box appears in a place like the garden. Are these places near your house? If they were near mine, I'd visit every day.

Congratulations on the gift in the box.
Good night!!!

Hello! Many thanks for the compliments. Very kind of you :)

Yes, it is a garden. It is located at my house. I sit out there everyday because because it is so relaxing haha

Thanks for commenting this :)

Lovely your garden. I wish I could have the opportunity to be in a beautiful and relaxing location as is your garden! Thank you and Good morning!!!!

Aw, look at you!!!! You're good at video, too!!! You're so cute! Maybe it's the dress and the intense greenery but your video made me think of a fairy in a rainforest or something. Or the secret garden!

Magical. So exciting to get Mene, right?!

Girl thank you soo much!!! 🤗🤗🤗 Well I'm glad it came through a little magical, I wasnt sure at first lol.

Yes!!I love the mene, Ive been taking so much photography with it just because it looks so nice hahah

So sorry for the such late response! You're really sweet and I appreciate soo much your time in being my friend here🤗

You're sweet! I'd love to see those photos!!! That's so exciting!

this is precious

Aw you're kind <3