Get to know Fundition TEAMS (+ REWARD)

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The Agenda of Live streaming:
Starting at 22.00 GMT +2 Time

Leotrap presenting himself and his project Steem 4 the Kids started on Fundition
The Associate Enis will present what Fundition is shortly
Explaining who the Ambassadors of Fundition are and what they do the ones that will be present and the full list of the other Ambassadors - some of them won't participate because of the Time difference - and the ones that are present will introduce themselves to you ( Even some will be present with their cameras)
Together with the help of the Associate, explaining what Angels do if any of them is present they will introduce their selves
In the End playing the game whoever gets the first place will get 5 SBD from Fundition - you can even play together with us.

My live stream is at DLive


i win in skribble :D
good video and good job for the Ambassadors.
Have a nice day!

There's mic feedback all over but you're the man, Enis. Great work, Leotrap!