Live Streaming - Presenting Fundition Teams + REWARD

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This is a public call for you to join to our public live streaming that will be hosted at 22:00 GMT +2. The host of the streaming will be @leotrap a highly motivated friend, which is an Ambassador of Fundition for Uruguay.

Mentioning Ambassador in the live streaming you will learn about who the Ambassadors of Fundition are , what they do and where they are coming from. Some of them will be present on the live-streaming where Leo will be asking questions to Ambassadors introducing their selves.

The Ambassadors of Fundition that will be present on live-streaming are:

@gentleshaid - Ambassador of Nigeria
@naturicia - Ambassador of Germany
@lovebooster - Ambassador of Philippines
@bahagja-arbi - Ambassador of Indonesia

Fundition has two more teams
The Associates Team and the Angels Team

In the live-streaming some of the Associates will be present -
@enisshkurti Will be Introducing himself and can answer your questions regardless to Fundition.

You will be able to make comments on the Dlive streaming asking questions, also you can ask directly from the Discord Server of Fundition by joining here -

The Angels to be present in the live-streaming is expected
Angels Team @waybeyondpadthai @myndnow and @artakush

The Agenda of Live streaming:
Starting at 22.00 GMT +2 Time

  • Leotrap presenting himself and his project Steem 4 the Kids started on Fundition
  • The Associate Enis will present what Fundition is shortly
  • Explaining who the Ambassadors of Fundition are and what they do the ones that will be present and the full list of the other Ambassadors - some of them won't participate because of the Time difference - and the ones that are present will introduce themselves to you ( Even some will be present with their cameras)
  • Together with the help of the Associate, explaining what Angels do if any of them is present they will introduce their selves
  • In the End playing the game whoever gets the first place will get 5 SBD from Fundition - you can even play together with us.

Those types of Activities will be even more by time , many more GAMIFICATIONS are about to come . so be informed in the Discord Server of Fundition - come to the Discord Server and learn more about Gamifications and Fundition - and make sure you follow @fundition in Steemit.

We appreciate @lotusleaf that will be helping @leotrap to make his Livestreaming even better with her assistance!

With love,
Fundition Team.

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FUNDITION I getting higher and higher, many people will make their dreams true, thanks FUNDITION team.