My first video on DLive: This bass conditioning was just rocking!

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DLive Video 1, Jonas Ahrens - future24

Hey Steemians,
this is my first video on DLive to test this fresh looking platform!

I think this video here is perfect to test @dlive for the first time, because it´s a recording of another test too! :D

I have recorded this video to test if you can see the bass vibrations through my smartphone camera in the phone camera of @lex030 and it worked:


The bass conditioning inside this rented Toyota by Avis on the Ko Samui island in Thailand was very good as you can see in the video and of course we enjoyed it a lot during our car driving trips on Koh Samui. ;D

Take a look on the screen of @lex030´s smartphone in the video guys, this bass conditioning inside the car was just rocking!

You can find my video at DLive, just click on the thumbnail picture above.

Greetings to everyone and Steem on!
Jonas Ahrens - @future24


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Haha yeah, cool video Bro! :D

Complete 18s ...It's cool but short need more on dLive and dTube boss

That a great technology.i like funny video.
Thanks for sharing wonderful post

Best of luck @future24
Resteemit your post

For the test it was amazing on dLive 😊

Continue your work at your pace. I hope you will be successful. Best wishes for you.

Dear sir @ future24.. its a grat post with a nice vedioo i watch this vedioo and i appreciate it.. keep goimg sir..

Nice stuff....Steem On Baby

As for the first time it worked out quite well. He passed the music perfectly. Good luck to you and Love.

Как для первого раза получилось неплохо. Музыку передал отлично. Удачи Вам и Любви.