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RE: Travel with me #117 : Taichung City, Taiwan & Dance Competition Results!

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Wow girl! But you are not wasting your time at all!
I love that I get the chance to discover so many amazing places through your posts, most of them being added on my bucket list straight away! :)
Also congratulations to all the winners!
And I noticed that one of your tags is dlive, I thought I will let you know if you didn't find out yet but they are stepping back of steem..


Hey gabriela, it's been quite a packed summer travelling schedule, and even more to come, but i'm excited to share a few other locations in upcoming posts! Also about dlive, I actually found out about the incident only after I posted, needless to say I will no longer be posting on dlive.

Hey! I'm happy to see that there are going to come even more posts which I'm sure will leave me speechless. I'm also happy that you had a great summer! ♥️
Oh, and yes.. about Dlive. I'm in the same situation and need to find a new family for my travel videos but we will figure it out sooner or later, I guess.
Stay safe in your journeys! 😃