It Is Our Natural Right and Duty to Give and Support our Fellow Man

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In this montage of Quinn's interviews, he shares the Garden of Eden's successful mission of feeding, clothing, housing, and educating more people than ever before, the value in nurturing healthy community, and he addresses the extreme and violent opposition encountered in living for that ideal.

The challenges have strengthened the Garden of Eden. The government sent a fully armed Black Ops SWAT Raid to the property to attempt terrorizing the residents into compliance. Because of this atrocity, Quinn is an even more dedicated to his purpose.


The Garden of Eden is the most sustainable organization in the state of Texas (and probably the nation). We're focused on our values of integrity, honor, responsibility, accountability, freedom, and family, and spend our lives feeding, clothing, housing, and educating people. Our Eden Knights live on less than $1 a day each, and we feed 40,000 free meals a year without government assistance, corporate sponsorship, or rich benefactors! We have a negative carbon footprint; use composting toilets; grow food; cook year-round on outdoor, wood-burning rocket stoves we built by hand from earth; reduce/reuse/recycle; shower from our well; and barter and trade for most of the goods and services we require. We are 100% dedicated to PROCEEDS NOT PROFITS; everything we offer is by donation to our humanitarian works and social outreach.

My video is at DLive


Nice video.

It was heart warming to read/watch this, it really filled me with joy learning about what you guys are doing, if i was closer i would come and help out there, people like you give people like me hope in this world and i am truly inspired by your work. On the one hand it's shocking that you we're raided like that, but at the same time im not surprised either. There is a war on homeless people, and a war on people who are inclined to help them. Across some big cities in the UK they are now installing anti homeless spikes outside shops and on the streets so now they can't sleep under any sort of shelter in this mostly wet and windy country. My heart broke when i found out about it. What the fuck is wrong with people, the ones who decided it, the ones who installed it, and the ones who stood by and let it happen?

Thank you for what you are doing, not only to the people you are helping, your larger family who you are sustaining, but things like this reach people like me on the other side of the world, people who can feel overwhelmed with the horrors we observe and which most seem oblivious to, it's easy to think what's the point, what can i do? Why should i stay?

But projects and people like this touch my heart, and keep me going, i haven't found a way i can make such an impact yet, but things like this inspire me to not give up, to keep going, and one day ill be able to help too.

got here because of daan007 and I thoroughly enjoyed it :)

thanks for sharing and all that you guys do for your community @quinneaker and the @gardenofeden ! long time no see!!💕💕💕

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