BITCOIN RALLY? Q2 is always good for Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin rally in Q2 or Bitcoin fall? Two different opinions. Craig Wright is sued for 11B dollars. Venezuela uses crypto to trade with Russia.

Get your coffee and breakfast ready and we'll get into it!

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the moemnt to go back to bulish is comming

bear market big dog. cant go up 10,000's of percent without a pullback

BTC will have a bullrun soon i think.

Hi Ivan !

Thanks a lot for the update and the stats.

I am still not so sure about the BTC rally in Q3.

I know there is that saying that history tends to repeat it self but when I look at the charts I think we are sadly more in a bear market and not so sure if we are going to break out of it anytime soon.

Of course I would hope that since I am still HODLING of course. 😅👍 - on of the best (or even the best) stats, charts, data and analysis of crypto.

the knowledge section is a good idea - keep it going - maybe you can explain the advantages of bitcoin and other real cryptocurrancies, like "open", "trustless", "immutable", "decentralized" and so on ... and also explain why it is so important and maybe bring some real world examples so that everyone can understand what all of this really means.

@ivanli, Thank you for your good advice about cryptocurrency.

Seriously though, people should be patient. Another bull run might take a lot of months.

Good content as usual. If you wanna learn about EOS, you might like what we do:

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hi friend @ivanli
its really being a pleasure to follow you in this platform and yes thanks a lot for sharing latest updates..
have a great day :) <3

Ivan, Can you tell me why DLive is so slow and stuttery? Can you tell us how to improve performance? Could we host our own distributed DLive node and improve performance for ourselves and others near us?

We all love a good rally!

All crypto market down also btc but i think btc come back to up $18k .

Hey Ivan, if you need some software geniuses to co-operate with, let us know at FusionICO