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RE: Steem Secrets #12 (Delivered By @maylyn09): Is An Upvote All That Free? Alot Of Steemit Speed-up Lies In The Answer To This!!! (On Dlive)

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I am glad to see you @maylyn09 deliver those words from @steemsecrets.

UPVOTE: It is a word which autocorrect cannot suggest a word when typed. However, it is a popular word in Steemsphere, and a word every Steemian wants to receive particularly from the whales. Some minnows may say, their upvote is worth nothing. But it isn't. It's worthy no matter how small it is. A simple upvote is an act of kindness, so it was highly treasured.


Dynamic Number 3:
A whale has a giant reputation to guard.
What about his reputation? In many cases; "it is big!"

Yes, big reputation, huge responsibilities. What obtains on Steemit is not any different from that of real life. Reputation is pretty important as per how you are perceived by others and having built it over time, no sane person would want it all rubbished as a result of care-less mistakes or sentiments, otherwise you would have nothing left in no time.
'Thinking before acting' is an underlying principle of reputation building and I am quite able to appreciate that these upvotes we all crave and look forward to has 'costs' and even huger 'costs' in the case of a Whale or Dolphin. Safeguarding one's reputation is key. Thank you @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for sharing this vital truth with us.
When you have the time, you might want to see this :
Thank you so much.

Its just like A great leader, has a Greater Responsibility, Not just the power he possesses.

Hmmm....... This one is in sweet bit sizes and I have learnt something really new today. Reputation must be protected in any decision making process.

This is a big revelation related by @maylyn09. I understand the work of whales. That is really a big responsibility. I remember what Spiderman movie famous line: Great power comes with great responsibilities. But we will support this whales like @surpassinggoogle.

Yeah at first as a minnow, we believed that our upvote is worth nothing. But I realized that even I only contributed a small value of upvote, it is worthy after all because it adds value to the steemians work. We all have to appreciate their kindness :)

as a minnow, yes, our upvotes' value are small... (in regards to the value of sbd) but... to upvote as a minnow is not just to add .001 sbd to steemians earnings... more than that, it also builds "engangement" or "trust" ...

knowing that a minnow upvoted your post, even in small value, it builds friendship...
when someone upvote my post, I click their usernames and read also their posts.. and from their, I create strong binds... a bind that everyone should build in order for steemit to grow and stay strong...

yeah, even with our worthless upvote, it can really helps, it makes them, feel gratify and blessed that even with our worthless vote, someone will appreciate their effort. By this, Upvoting shows respect and inspiration not just to the authors but also to the all users.

True to your words master @iyanpol12

A simple upvote is an act of kindness, so it was highly treasured.

So aside from the compensation we get from an upvote, it is such a great motivation to be upvoted especially by i.e. @surpassinggogle. It was like ”Wow, SG upvoted me!” there is that unbelievable, close to “I need to slap myself to know if this is real” feeling. Lol.

So yes, an upvote for me just simply mean they liked the thoughts I conveyed in my post and that all my effort to make the post was “seen” and appreciated. And of course, kindness was shown to me.

@yadah hahahaha... yes, it gives more than just a also gives motivation, appreciation and it also shows some love and support... see? an upvote is not just a simple click action... it means more...

Right, right. So i gave an my teeny upvote as a sign that I domagree with you and I do appreciate your post. Well done sis!

Very true, @yada04 being upvoted by Sir Terry aka @surpassinggoogle is always be a Blessing and its a kind of mixed emotion of happiness.

Another Statement from @steemsecrets Another Secret reveals, Being aware of this platform make us, more advantage compare to those who havent, here We have a chance to figure out everything and be guide what is really the essence in this community, With @steemsecrets, it provides us more knowledge and wisdom about whats going on, On how to be succesful in this community.

I agree with these statements.
It will help a lot of Steemians like me

thank you so much for making more effort

blue is the new red. so buy blue

I like this one too.:)

I agree. @maylyn09 made this secret revelation great. The secret itself shows us that an upvote is more than what we ever think of. Thank you for this @surpassinggoogle. With this 12th secret, you also showed us that for the 12 secrets, you gave us that huge heart to make us understand and stand brighter in this community. Thank you sir

@sissyjill, you are right ! By the revelation of this 12th secret, another secret of steemit is released. Upvotes has a lot of dynamics guarding it, especially for the Whales and Dolphins, and since reputation is hugely involved here, giving upvotes should be a consciously painstaking act.

Honestly I now understand the dynamics of upvotes simply explained by @surpassinggoogle and @steemsecrets. Thanks to them.

I concured with you @iyanpol" a simple upvote is an act of kindness" it doesnt matter the rate of your voting power. And dont forget that the more you give upvotes the more you receive. that is the psychology of steemit

" a simple upvote is an act of kindness" it doesnt matter the rate of your voting power. And dont forget that the more you give upvotes the more you receive. that is the psychology of steemit

nice one! I feel great to read your comments...
it only shows you really understand and learned what this INTEL wants us to learn...

Upvotes aren't free but comes with 'costs'. Upvoting a post means endorsement and your ideals as a whale or dolphin must be aligned with that of the post you are upvoting otherwise, you would be seen as contradicting yourself, thereby putting your hard earned reputation at risk.

I Like that, the more you give upvotes the more you receive a very convincing facts, Thus, Everyone has something to offer qoute was born.

Psychology of steemit @bunmi1...... Higly elated..... We gonna derive a theory for steemit too in a bit

I agree with you, though our upvotes is as low as 0.004, but in our little way, we can show our gratitude to them.

Thank you sir @iyanpol12 !
Your definition of upvote is definitely right. An upvote is not "really" free after all... Hope every steemians learn that here..

A single upvote always makes a sense, either its is worthless or something, but the most important is it shows appreciation to one Another

I agree so much to that @mylyn09 and you really made it more special. Thank you for that.

thank you @sissyjill, you inspired me on your steemscrets... I admire you... and that admiration brought me here...

Thank you @maylyn09. But you know what? Only you can convey this secret. No other strong woman can do better than this but you. Even I myself does not think that I can speak these words of @surpassinggoogle better than you. This secret was ment to be revealed by you only and I admire you for that.

thank you for this informative thoughts indeed it really helps us minnows who were pursuing their dreams here in steemit community. Keep it up @maylyn09

@morbyjohn, hope every minnow can read this and digest this post... I'm sure this will help a lot...

Well I did learn from this post. I do appreciate your saying it in terms I could undestand. And yes, an upvote do have a “cost”. Thanks @maylyn09

Another fortunate steemians who were endulge in the world of steemsecrets. Thank you for the wonderful information @maylyn09

Yes @morbyjohn. This secret will keep om visiting our minds for the entire time we endulge in this community. @surpassinggoogle really pointed every dynamics that are so on point.

Absolutely, sir @iyanpol12. Small things counts. :)

Yeah. I also see it as such.... Dat my upvote means nothing...

I just realize that no matter how small.... Its still something

I like it when you said a simple upvote is an act of kindness.

Someone just posted about what we should do if we receive upvotes with zero value, and he decided not to upvote back with such kind of upvote, and with this post of #steemsecret I think I need to go back to my friend's post and let him know that indeed theres a value of those he considered "no value" upvotes.

yes, indeed sir @long888, even if a upvote doesn't have a value.. it means more...
hope everyone could read this post and digest this INTEL

I agree! All upvotes have value for me as well.

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