Passion AND Money Full Vid

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Choosing between passion and money. Do you think that is possible?

In this video, you will see how I choose both. How it is possible , how it is doable. Yet, not without the work. Not without the knitty gritty late nights, days when you are exhausted, pimples even, and just the WORK.

How much are YOU willing to fight for it? How much are you willing to put in the work? How much are you willing to make YOUR dreams happen?

In the next video, you will see me going around to interview ordinary people like us, and whether THEY choose passion over money, or vice versa.

Stay tuned.

Music by Ikson "Coastline"

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I agree. There is usually a way to do what you are really interested in and also make money. Sometimes it takes a long time, though. I applaud you for your determination and hustle!

Yes, you're right, it can take some time - i guess the most important thing is whether we are fulfilled - and financially taken care of!