4 Tips To Make Your Passion Happen Now

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I know I said 4 tips - but if you know me well, I am sure you can tell which one I totally sort of "made up" and made one of my hard fast rule. Do you know which one? :p #BreakTheRules


Tip #1. Combining resources. #Synergies

Tip #2. Proper planning - combining the right and left side of the brain - art + business management.

Tip #3. Surrounding yourself with the right support - people who will boost you and won't pull you down.

Tip #4. Break all ground rules. Including, and especially family ones. (But please exercise the brain where deem fit, and not the traffic rules please.) Personally, I certainly didn't grow through rules. I grow because I break them. Don't say you heard it from me.

My video is at DLive


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