Are You Being REALLY Genuine?

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Alot of us, without even realizing it, form our interactions and connections with someone else because we actually "want" something from them. We want them to like us, we want them to favour us, we want their approval of us. And that's the mistake we make even before we get start engaging in our connections with others.
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You're describing what life was like before the bloody internet and neoliberal economics:D YIKES!
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Being who you are shouldn't require any effort.

Totally agree on you with this @jassicania . Most of the time when one goes to a meetup or a gathering, usually we "put on a show" because there are hidden agenda in it.

And usually, those who are already very much well verse in social interactions would have smelled that from a mile.

I too hope that there will be more people who would just be them (genuinely) and connect to everyone else and see how the flow of chemistry of getting to know people take them; instead of trying to just impress people there.

That being said, usually young naive ones would pretty much not able to know how to be genuine unless they are brought up in such guidance.

This is one unfortunate (in some way also fortunate) Asian culture has. Instead of building a good genuine character, this often turns into a "carpet over" character that shields their true self from the public, that leads to fakeness and ended up getting fake friends.

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