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RE: Steem Secrets #13 (Delivered By @geeyang): To Succeed With Steemit, You Will Need Your Very Own Conviction About Steemit/Steem's Beauty And It Will Have To Be Solid.

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Wow @steemsecrets is here again.
Yes steemit is indeed beautiful, cos you and I are on it. I've learned to love unconditionally on steemit following the footsteps of my sweet daddy @surpassinggoogle. Now that's the beauty, loving fellow Steemians even without seeing them. I've found love, I have loved,on steemit.

Thank you @geeyang15 for this beautiful piece
Steem on✌✌✌


Its a pleasure to deliver @steemsecrets' to you.. Its an honor actually. Indeed we should love steemit as steemit loves us unconditionally..

Yeah yeah
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Yes, we are what makes Steemit beautiful...
I love you ✌ but I love @surpassinggoogle more ✌ 😍

I am jealous.but its best to love a boss

Hahahaha, the love is for us all

Lol, ok
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yeah definitely.

He's our mentor and inspiration in steemit to continue our vision and perspective here on steemit ^_^

Yeah yeah
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