SteemSummer May 25, 26, 27 near Palm Beach, Florida, USA?

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Steem Meetup.jpg

Will we enjoy a weekend together in Florida for a steem meetup named "SteemSummer" because our time connecting in person is invaluable? Here are the possible dates and venue for the event!


Thursday May 24, 2018: Evening registration and welcome.
Friday May 25, 2018: Registration and full day of events.
Saturday May 26, 2018: Full day of events.
Sunday May 27, 2018: Full day of events and closing.


The Kelsey Theater at

Culture and community; that is what The Kelsey Theater is all about. Our mission is to be a place where the community by large can experience the finest in independent cinema, music, comedy and various other performing arts while simultaneously providing a convention center venue that will host anything from indoor green markets to comic book conventions. Located in the heart of a budding art district and downtown corridor with a rich history. We are known for showcasing national talent and offer one of the most intimate venues around.

This venue is available thanks to AJ Brockman @abrockman. He recommended we do this event via our collaboration on discord at and will be our onsite event manager! AJ already reserved the venue for us, sent me a budget for the event, and will handle everything we need locally from food to nightlife to live performances!


The Kelsey Theater
Lake Park, FL 33403

Available on Google maps at


When we have enough interest in the event, we will make tickets available!

Thank you for learning about SteemSummer and maybe we will see you there?

Jerry Banfield


wow. very disappointed you have not come to me to discuss this. one email would have been enough. The name SteemFest is reserved for SteemFest. You can not just take that, i hope you see that. Minimally you could have reached out.
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Ok, obviously while this post was trending @jerrybanfield was sleeping. Just now we had a about it and the name for the event is changed to SteemJ. Thank you Jerry for renaming the event, I hope it will be a nice meetup event.

I hope you understand that I try to 'guard' the name SteemFest to keep the community informed and clear about when it happens, so people can save up some, and are not in doubt when & where to go to or having a FOMO. Since 2016 I've been working on SteemFest and gave it a lot of time (ask my gf - first edition lost 10 kilo's of weight), then with the help of the crew and with the trust of the community (including yourself) it came what it was to be. I studied Hotelschool and worked at events for over 15 years (including organising events in Detroit, USA) and this time invested makes me want to treat it as my baby. Quality assurance is important to me, and when I am ready to trust others with this, (not trying to be arrogant here), it will be announced, but up till then I like to set the standard for SteemFest.

To keep things special this is also why there is 'decent' time in between every edition. It's the same as with for example, I don't know, Burning Man (not comparing or whatever hahaha way different league). Of course that is a great event and one comes home: 'wow I wish it was already that time again'. But that doesn't mean there should be 5 Burning Man's every year. Giving something time to digest and make it special by having enough time in between editions helps with making the actual event 100% epic.

All in all it is just unfortunate that you had posted the event by using the name SteemFest. As the post got trending I felt I had to say something about it (see above, obviously my first reaction/emotions as I was quite mad) as people where reaching out and asking about it. Ofcourse that is not a great way to discover such a thing, hence my response. None-the-less my response was a 'reaction' on your 'action'.

Good luck with the event, unfortunately I will have just left USA 1 week prior to the end of May and juggling family life with conferences / events and all such cannot make me stay longer.

+++ End edit ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

I now see you have reached out in As I was travelling back from my holiday I had not seen your message. In your message you ask about using the name SteemFest, but only if you have my 'blessing'. Now I am not a god, but certainly did initiate the event SteemFest. So you mention you will only use it when I say it is ok. However you don't wait for a reply from me. That's pretty weird.

This is just using the brand, carefully build up since 2016.

Here is my reply in

You could have waited with a post until a reply from me. You could have mailed me. No it is not ok to use the name SteemFest. This is reserved for the event we intend to organise annually. Why? We want to bring together as many people as possible. It is a centralised event around a very decentralised community. The idea is that by having a clear 'wave' in events, people have time to prepare, come and don't feel in doubt whether: should I go to this, or to that one. It has been only 3 months since last SteemFest and the event for this year is already in preperation. Your post received so many upvotes because it uses the name SteemFest. But you have not asked (or waited for) permission to use it and just blatantly post and use the name. I am very disappointed.

Please refrain from using the name SteemFest in any of your event communication, also not tricks like: "The event formerly known as SteemFest 2.5" whatever and delete this post or adjust the post.

For completeness here is the message sent midnight 3.30 AM about 36 hours before this post was made. Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 09.21.31.png

Some people just want to use others success as a platform for their own ideas. We all know there is only one Steemfest that is organized by you and it is celebrated by the end of the year. Flagged this post at 100%, nothing against Jerry but everything against hijacking an established brand & name.

Yeah, that's not right. If there is not a trademark then technically he can do whatever he wants, but it still doesn't make it right.

Also, who in the hell would book Kesha for this community? And in Florida?

I could think of at least 2-3 other places that would be more hospital to this community than Florida.


lol, your username is hilarious in this context

And in May. Florida isn't hospitible to anyone in May.

I agree it was bad he used the Steemfest brand without authorization.....but his plan is also a very good thing to the steem blockchain...why don't you get to an agreement with him @roelandp if Lisbon is ok, why not Florida? I wish to hear Kesha's music soon on Dsound

Can I hijack his brand and shamelessly ask for his witness votes to empower people living under the poverty line around the world?

I guess he should have declined the payout for it...

There's only one Steemfest, and we want it to be in your hands @roelandp.
Also the timing is no valid argument at all. Waiting for it makes it even more exciting, and we love to be excited about that one Steemfest :-)

@roelandp Can we have Disturbed, MGMT, Chainsmokers, Post Malone, Blink 182, and Kings of Leon at SteemFest 3?

Thanks! Looking forward to it!

jk ;-)

lol. only if you delegate 2 million SP to me.

No problem!

Hey everyone! Send @brianphobos liquid STEEM so I can delegate it to @roelandp ......... :-)

P.S. Don't actually do that!

it was not good the fact he didn't have your authorization....but his plan is actually a good thing to the blockchain...get to an agreement with can let him use the name in the condition that he gives 5% of the revenues to a charity(example)

I'd be down to start a witness server and give 99% of the revenue after whatever the server costs end up being to charities on the blockchain. Anyone want in?

Although that lineup is a joke, I'll tell you the same thing I mentioned down below...I can get you great pricing on legit talent. Feel free to hit me up anytime. Can't wait for steemfest 3

roelandp I am part of a group to help autistic people in Portugal...... we are online but we want to create a physical thing ....our face group is .....I suggest you would allow him to use the name in exchange of donating a small percentage of the revenues to @autismoportugal what do you say? we would be eternally grateful to you

Jerry makes daily revenue he deposits into the @budgets account and his @jerrybanfieldroi account. Uses both to "fund" projects. He doesn't need to hijack the SteemFest name if he actually wanted to give your group money.

Don't forget Imagine Dragons lol.

Good Point! Imagine Dragons, Shindown, and AWOLNATION will be added to the lineup!

I'm having too much fun with this. In general I think @jerrybanfield is trying to do good for the platform. Sometimes it may be misdirected or rushed. I will likely do a post on it. I did have him on an autovote but I took that vote away for this post.

U have point sir.. and I agree he cant use the STEEMFEST brand name... without your permission... I actually ... I came here because the title. ..

By the way, was is already disclosed where the real Steemfest 3 will take place?

Shame on everybody who upvoted! I flagged maybe 5 times since June 2016! This Post got a clear 💯 down!



Upvoting pure gold

DYING LOL ahahahaha xD

Wish I had more upvote to give. Clever.

Just a small update from me: for me this issue is now resolved. Just as @arcange mentions Dlive is still mentioning the old post... Somehow that site does not get updated? Cache issues I guess.

I really like to follow @lukestokes posts/comment on this page. For me the issue is resolved. Good luck with the event. It will be a great meetup!

I will try to reach out to Dlive about their site workings, it must be a glitch, or it is not 'decentralised' ;P

What are @lukestokes posts/comments on this page?

Your very cool man...
When your respons coment .. i like you

You responses and way of handling this entire situation were exemplary! A REAL example to all. Seriously, respect to u mate!

Everyone, this is a Steemit Meetup not a SteemFEST! While the action to arrange a Steemit meetup is admirable, using the name SteemFEST to promote it is very disappointing.

The SteemFEST name has been built with unaccounted sweat over the past couple years and is fully endorsed by Steemit Inc.!! Using it like this just to get some attention is simply despicable.
My thoughts are with you @roelandp, as I am one of the ones who has had the opportunity to work with you in orgnising a SteemFest and know the amount of work you put into it. Sorry to see this happening.

Ohh i have no idea agree with u

Not cool.. Should have waited for @roelandp's permission..

Change it immediately.. Steemfest can only be one.. And its only if @roelandp is organising it along with his and @firepower crew.. No one has any right to use it..

I agree with you 💯👍 just followed you have a nice day

This is wrong way @jerrybanfield - you cannot just take SteemFest, you should wait for @roelandp and other creators response / permission before you did such post... really dissapointed

:) Support for @roelandp

Well said -why am I not surprised by this post by this guy only..... Hijacker. No idea why people follow and vote that personality anyway - but shit follows shit

Thank you for saying this, and I'm not even being sarcastic. I mean it.
Thank you.

:-) I am happy to repeat this whenever required. Thought common knowledge.

Now...that is funny.

Seriously don't apologise, because it's only trending because he massively self-upvoted it and put it in the spotlight.
You are 100% correct and he is 100% in the wrong.

I know this might not be the best place to ask, but can you tell me more about "including organizing events in Detroit, USA"?
I live and work in Detroit and would love to get down on some events!

Hi Ssimkins9, i was using that to illustrate me being an event organiser, including foreign (US based) events as the post suggested (maybe older version of the post) it would be difficult for me to organise something maybe in the US or elsewhere (e.g. 2017 SteemFest was in Lisbon, vs me living in Amsterdam). -

Anyhow back to your question. I used to work at The Generator, which organises still nowadays festival here in The Hague, Netherlands. Back then (2004-2005) we had a couple of events surrounding the DEMF. I remember a night in The Oslo (cellar under the Sushi(?) restaurant). Also we hosted those two years 1 stage on the DEMF during the weekender at Heart Plaza.

Nothing as of current, and as said it was more to illustrate international event experience :)

ps you got me googling, here is an old clip from it:

Roger that! Sounds like your experience has taken you to some pretty interesting places! That video from 2004 was great! Haha, funny to see how style has changed so much in 14 years. And sadly, Oslo is closed :(

Thanks for taking the time to clarify.

I think you were completely justified in your reaction, and in protecting the brand name of the meetup that you organize.

While I do hope the meetup is enjoyable for those that choose to attend, it sounds sketchy at best...especially due to trying to use someone else's name without their permission.

i have a question why when i use bid based upvote bots do i just break even or lose and not make any money? My example post is below where i bid like 0.67 sbd and it just paid out the same amount although it said the post was worth 1.33sbd after inflation when i first posted it was 1.42? please help i am confused thanks =]

Because they're designed to take your money, not give you money.

o right i was not aware thanks. so they are just to advertise yourself? how else do you get your content seen and upvoted? are curation trails a good way to start? or investing more money? do you know any good and active discord i can use? thanks a lot

If only I lived in the USA.. would love to come to a meetup like this.. will have to check out if there are any around where I will in Australia.,

It's very bad how someone who is big in this community to do something like this it's not a good look for him hope use can sort it out I just followed you and hope you enjoy the rest of the week 👍

Fucking 299$ for a meetup to meet this donkey. Are you serious? 5k SP delegation and its for free LOL.

I am speechless!
#jerrysmeetup is the most he should call his event



That made me laugh, thank you! :D

Hahha I am still 😂 Laughing and Now even more because we can laugh together 🙈

Bad Jerry!

Are you looking to go to Steemfest 3? And where would you prefer it to be?

I would love to take @roeland and all of you to Bali. I did events there for many years and it would be smashing to do at least @steemfest 4 in SE Asia! Let’s talk Roeland :)

Vienna would be fun as well :)

wow incredible @roelando comment aja get vote beyond post and wow very tempting, and when ya @adnan-mp got vote from that many post, good and very extraordinary @roelandp. greetings of friendship from me to you, and to your fans

Hey Jerry! Roeland has worked his arse off to make SteemFest happen and as part of his crew we've put our soul into it. You cannot hijack the brand! This is unacceptable!


This guys are friends and they will sure sort this out privately. I see them as my steemit mentors so I trust them to treat this maturely.

The idea WAS great but hijacking an already established brand to give more power to your event is just disappointing.

It just makes me feel bad because for once I agreed with something you come up with (i dont agree with your bot nor your youtube videos, i dont like your witness approach)and some of the ideas behind the event are cool but there is only one steemfest and it is organized by @roelandp, you know this and still decided to go for it?

Why not making your own brand?
Why not wait until Roeland replied?
So many why's, i guess in a few hours we'll see a post where you explain this behaviour but...

Now after this, sadly all i can say is i wouldn't even think about attending an event organized by you man, this is unacceptable.


I wish on a platform like Steemit, with its noble values, money didn’t talk so loudly. This in a sense is what we escaped from in other places, real and virtual to try and pursue an ideal experiment, here.

I wish, too, that bots were seriously looked into.

How can content providers or artists like myself, who might have talent but no money, compete with money-hungry, unscrupulous folks who buy votes & upvote themselves, regularly, to the top of trending lists?!

Also, witnesses, who are handsomely rewarded for their efforts, should be looking out for our best interests & not campaigning to make even more money off our backs, by climbing in a higher position.

I know the world is not fair, and I don’t believe in complaining, but I believe in the promise of Steemit and have only been here a few months & hope to stay & grow.

Here’s hoping this is a learning experience & things work out for the better, for all involved,

Yahia (Egyptian-American writer)


I suggest deviding bloggers from developers and witnesses. A new interface could do this. Would provide less misunderstandings. And maybe also a seperated bot area.

I was negligent in voting for this in its earlier version, before you toned it down. I did not take a good enough look or read much of it. Since your scammy actions have become clearer (including suggesting you had Roeland's backing when you clearly did not), I've removed my vote, am flagging it instead, and have upvoted Roeland's comment. You're free to have your own Steem event, but your judgment and common sense is in serious question. If your actions did not amount to fraud, they came quite close to it.

Many were in the same boat. Steem on. - @splendorhub


@jerrybanfield running away with ''steemfest'' name.


This is what he is doing right now bro..

It's not ok to take someone else's brand without their consent. Normally I'm not in favour of intellectual property, but brands are different to a simple idea. The Steemfest brand was not made open source, when people see "Steemfest" they assume some connection to the people who run Steemfest, ie. @roelandp et al

I'm sorry to do it but I'm downvoting this post, we have to police ourselves as a community and we shouldn't allocate funds to something that violates the rights of other members of the community.

This sounds awesome. If you can come up with a new name for it, I guess that might make everyone happy😆

Jerry, how many more times will you do impulsive things and then have to ask for forgiveness from the community later?

Your post still mentions SteemFest 2.5 in multiple places including the image. Please, fix that.

Do you think brands like Kesha book things two months out and would be involved in something which tried to promote a collaboration before any contracts are signed? Unless you already have confirmation from her agent, talking about this is highly unprofessional and kind of crazy (IMO).

You have a lot of people following you, but I question the value of the example you’re giving them. It seems everything you do has a “what’s in it for Jerry” hook whether that’s a witness vote or delegation or something else. It just feels wrong.

I’m really hoping you can see why what you’re doing is deceptive and why it frustrates the community. I hope you can learn and change. I’ve hoped for this in the past and been disappointed. :(

I was really wondering which would have been your opinion about Jerry's acts lately, since I had the feeling that he is more concerned about himself taking advantage from the community rather than offering things back. I can compare it to market selling Steem brand for his own good, but who am I to judge?

Apparently the same feeling is everywhere, except the guys trying to catch some votes with encouraging comments...

Unfortunately, this isn't just a recent thing with Jerry. It has happened before. After my conversations with him at Steemfest2, I decided to support other witnesses instead. He immediately withdrew his support for me and that seems to be his pattern. If you help Jerry, Jerry helps you. If not, he doesn't. I prefer taking the approach that we all work to improve this platform and by doing so, we help ourselves indirectly.

Jerry, if you're reading this, I hope you remember the many long conversations we had at Steemfest2 about not just thinking about what benefits yourself alone but learning how to care about others and understanding and respecting their needs. Long-term, your reputation and your friendships are what you should value most, not just supporters who support you because you give them something in return.

Luke, you are simply a great man! I am not saying this to buy you on my side, or to take advantage of your votes, actually I wish you won't vote me from now on only to erase this concern if it ever was one. You helped me a lot already.

I just wanted to tell you that I watched your interview with @davidpackman, and right when the video stopped you replied to my comment (which I have thought that you will not notice) and said those kind words. It is so impressive to see that you believe in the change of people and in the good of them.

I really wish you the best and I wish that you will never change!

Thanks Andrew. I've always appreciated your sincere enthusiasm and encouragement. As for never changing, I'll have to disagree with you there. :) I hope I continue to improve and grow to become a better man. I do think I've made great progress in my life, and I hope to continue doing so.

I was about to complete with the very same thing, but I felt like I am asking too much if I had said to always improve yourself. This is of course what I wish for you and actually for everybody, only this way we will be able to build a better world, as in your description a world we all want to live in. Even though many times I think about myself and people like us that we may be too idealistic and that will never happen, but at least we can try and enjoy the results :D

Luke I enjoyed our chats at Steemfest 2 which challenged me to continue learning and growing in unconditional love. What we see around us is a reflection of our own world and choices inside. I see you as a divine being having a human experience doing the best you can to help here on your own unique journey. I unconditionally love you and accept you as you are.

What each of us says reflects back our own state of consciousness. To hope for change in another is to judge them not good enough and require being different in order to be accepted. I see you as good enough as you are requiring no change to be perfect. It is not possible for me to be disappointed in you because all I expect is for you to show up as you are. I see myself the same way.

Where I struggle is when I forget why I am here and when I try and change who I am to please others. I am here to love unconditionally and be of service. If people like me and agree, that is fine. If not, that is fine too. A community filled with frustration will find a reason for it. A community filled with joy will find a reason for it.

Thank you for your kind words, Jerry.

Do you believe it's possible to make a mistake? Since you've appologized in the past for your actions and you changed the contents of this page and the title of the event, then I'll assume you do think it's possible to make a mistake. That means you are not perfect. To live in world where we don't make rational adjustments and yes, judgements, about what is bad, good, and somewhere in between which can be improved is to live in a completely irrational, unchanging world (IMO).

I don't see myself as perfect because if I was perfect, I'd have no room for improvement, and I do believe I have improved and will continue to improve. If you're continuing to learn and grow in unconditional love then you aren't perfect either. That's a good thing! That means you're improving!

When I see conflicts or struggles between you and the community, I don't see it as you trying to "change to please others" but you realizing you did something that looks like you're just in it for yourself. You told me enough personal stories about your past where you recognize you have a pattern there of only thinking about yourself and doing whatever it takes to succeed, regardless of how that might negatively impact those around you.

IMO, we'd all be better off if we dropped the ego and accepted we are not perfect, and we do make mistakes. That will cause us to think twice about our actions and how they may impact others. It will cause us to grow even more and become even better people. Otherwise, we stay in the same patterns over and over again until the communities we're part of don't want us around anymore. If you see yourself as already perfect, how can people trust you to make better decisions in the future if they don't like some of the decisions you make now?

Looks to be an exciting time. I wish I could get away.

@jerrybanfield Amazing post bro. You're an inspiration to me on this platform. I hope to join Steem festival 2.5 follow me back @thetruth36

Following you both :)

@thetruth36 thank you for reading the post and commenting! I limit my following to those voting for me as a witness at because then my feed contains all posts from authors I need to focus on giving back to which currently is about 500 people. I am going down the list of voters in order of stake and adding more followers when I have time to do so with today's threshold for me to follow at about 2,000 Steem power which you are way over. At the same time, I see you have not made any witness votes yet.

Will you vote for me as a witness set me as a proxy to handle all of your witness votes at because then I will know we are beginning a relationship with mutual support where I will be happy to follow you and keep an eye out for your posts in my feed?

@jerrybanfield I just voted for you and hope to see you get the witness you so desire. Also since you took the time to leave such a detailed message. I hope to follow in your footsteps my friend. Give me a follow :)

Have you considering upvoting/supporting potential exceptional authors that you would like to connect with, before asking them for a witness vote? Just wondering. I voted for @OCD because they surprised me with huge support, without asking from both sides, but because of giving sincerely.


I follow you, Jerry @jerrybanfield, and voted for you as a witness. Do I qualify for a follow so “I will know we are beginning a relationship with mutual support?” 🤓 I hope you will keep an eye out for my posts on your feed as well.

This is really organised. I just hope it turns out to be epic.

What collaboration and promotion are you talking about here? I have nothing to do with your Steemfest hijacking. Please stop spamming comments.

Please stop spamming the network with your bot comments. You're a witness. You should be protecting the blockchain, not bloating it with spam.

But how else would we ever know you can delegate to his bot and receive subsidized APR from his witness block rewards?

Which is better: supporting witnesses who buy votes compared to those who have the best interests of the network in mind and are elected freely based on the value they bring?

I was being sarcastic, hehe, sorry for not making that more clear.

And no one really asked, but I'm of the camp that thinks that we have seen little to no naturalistic growth since 2016 (we've floated up with a rising tide of USDT and EURT-backed wash trading on a single exchange that's been known to be shady and yet we still underperformed many other coins) and have made little to no progress in changing any of the things that deter people who aren't desperate for a crypto faucet.

I'm happily waiting for the temporary collapse, because we'll be able to see who was just here for the rewards, which will be most, and maybe some will stay but a lot will become more inactive on the whole. If we start setting ourselves up for success now, then we can achieve a faster recovery and more stable growth in users, activity, and investment if we make the platform more worthwhile for actual people to use. If we don't, and a combination of hubris/greed continues to cripple the platform, we will see a long, slow death of our chances to ever secure a top spot on any of those metrics.

I figured you might have been, but I wanted to use it as an excuse to put my thoughts out there anyway. :)

When you say "the platform" do you mean Steemit or STEEM? Remember, STEEM is not Steemit. I think we're going to see a big spike in STEEM price once SMTs launch and more companies get onboard.

No problem, I do the same all the time, including this time.

I guess I'm saying the whole STEEM ecosystem, its top-heaviness alone would be a reasonable deterrent for many potential dev teams looking at different platforms to build on top of. This issue isn't relegated to just STEEM, lots of coins have bad distributions.

I’m there! I don’t have 5000 steem power so I’ll have to wait on tickets to come available! Please hold me a spot!! :-)

WOW, this is very excitgement initiative @jerrybanfield!

If only im there, i will surely dont miss this event. This kind of programs will boost the confidence to us steemians to do more.

good work


Great, please share the video or live streams !

What the fuck, Jerry.

First you try to misuse @roelandp's brand, and then you promote with a performer's name who you damn well know isn't going to be there?

That's called fraud in a lot of places. You should stop being a fraud, Jerry.

Really great amazing post! What is your secret? I would love to register and pay the fee. I need to connect with Steemians in person!

@jerrybanfield, Awesome to have you on board with @Dlive! Also great news to hear about Steemfest 2.5. I unfortunately was not around for any of the prior steemfest, however being that I am in Jacksonville, Florida, its a hop and skip away! I will be attending for sure, and once again thanks for the constant updates! Also if one did not have that amount to delegate, how can one go about purchasing tickets with SBD, Steem or Fiat? Thanks again,

Purchase with Steem it sbd?? What what? Lol I might go then haha!! I used to live in Daytona beach shores, FL. I’m 10 hours away now in Richmond, VA. I miss that Florida sunshine and oceanfront condo! 👍👍😎

@clasicktv we are very excited that you are one of the first to plan on attending and I look forward to meeting you in person!

@abrockman has a portal for buying tickets which will soon be available for approximately $299 with a lower or higher price possible based on the amount of delegations received. The more of us pay with a delegation the lower the price will be for anyone buying with fiat, Steem, or SBD!

dang i'm going to miss it, i will be in myrtle beach

Flagged for brand hijacking. That is a big no no

100 PERCENT.jpg


well done

Is it only me seeing so much about "I" and at the same time hijacking the name of the SteemFest ? The name, the format is fully copied of the format created by @roelandp , yet you are talking like it's your events. There is only one steemfest, not the halfs !

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 21.33.42.png

Wish we had these types of meet ups in the UK :-(

Wow great event

I wonder if kesha knows that Steemit is run by unsupportive greedy people? Kesha be careful. These people are very good in smiling and saying what other people want to hear. That's what sick sociopathic people do. ned, sneak, timcliff and 99% of the rest are like that. They have a problem. Not many people like them. That's why they joined a system where it doesn;t matter if you are a good person. Here they can vote for themselves with second accounts and get votes from people who are as antisocial and greedy as themselves. Don't be fooled. jerry is right, steemfest was an unforgettable event. An event full of nationalists, greedy capitalists, egoists who do't help poor people and so on. Good luck if you go but watch them closely. Look at the details. Best you run as fast as possible in the other direction.

I will like to come, the job that I have will not let me get holidays at present :(

Now this im excited for!! Hopefully I can make it.

These songs are nice ones.

Wow @jerrybanfield I was just talking to my friend today how it would be amazing to have a big Steemit Meetup in Florida and Now an entire Fest is happening in my backyard. I made a post to answer some of your above posted questions and topics here
I also voted for @jerrybanfield as witness here

Nice Jerry , best out here. Reason why I started my Steemit life :)

Hello @jerrybanfield

Mehn this gonna be bomb! Honestly you have been very up and doing for steem blockchain. From supporting hundreds of struggling Steemians to now hosting live event. That alone speaks volume of your love for this program. I, myself, will be hosting a meetup in my home state of Imo in Nigeria. And the details will be out before the weekend elapse.

Resteemed for a wider audience reach!

@eurogee, the founder of @euronation community

Exchellent post ,,
Thank you for the beautiful and hard work!!

This is nice @jerrybanfield. I mean the tickets practically cost nothing if you look at it from my perspective. And you also make some profit. Too bad Im not in the location of the strongest, but I sincerely hope that I comes out a massive success

@jerrybanfield I really love your choice of location :) it's rather close to me. I've been eyeing up the Kelsey Theater for a while it looks so interesting and they have cool events. It was a nice dream while it lasted, but the ticket price would leave me out. Hope everyone can get along.

Sign me up!!!!
I'm so close to the event, please, if there is anything I can do to help. 😉

Nice!! Get the @SteemBirds to perform :D They were great at Steemfest 2

Travel costs as well if you delegate? Wow, that's a good deal!

No, it's trick wording. His bot gives regular payment for delegations, so it might be enough to cover travel.

Do you have any guest speakers in mind?

Yes we will have top authors, witnesses, curators, and investors speaking! I just made the announcement today and will be reaching out to everyone I have contact with to present along with having already sent @ned a message on For some not able to make it in person, we may have a live call with the audience! I expect we will have significant overlap with who attended Steemfest 2 along with many of us that were unable to attend!

Top markotop 👍patut d acungi jempol, kerja yg sangat bagus. Memuaskan

Hi @jerrybanfield, awesome job in organising this event in Florida. I was listening to your YouTube video promoting the event on my drive in to work today.

After that video I listened to your one about delegating SP and its benefits. I just want to say it was an incredibly insightful and informative video. I learnt so much from it and am seriously thinking about converting my other Crypto into Steem, so that I can delegate it.

For those who have not watched the video, check it out here.

Keep up all your amazing work promoting Steemit. Your YouTube setup is amazing. I would love to get myself set up like that one day so that I can start to produce awesome Steemit content. Btw, do you use a green screen?