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RE: New Campaign Announcement

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Love it! And I can't wait to stream again next week! I've been a huge fan of live streaming for almost a decade now so Dlive was a no brainer for me.

I'll go over some suggestions for sure on the live stream but the issue for me (which isn't that big) is the lag and trying to get it as quick to 'live' as possible. Right now for me at least, there seems to be about a minute or two lag behind when I'm live and when my viewers catch up.

Not sure if that's a technical issue on Dlive's part, OBS streaming, computer quality, network or a bunch of other factors.

Regardless, that's minor stuff in the big scheme of it all and this platform will just continue to improve and grow by leaps and bounds.

Thanks for everything you guys are doing. I'm Looking forward to adding Dlive in my content each and every week for the years to come!


@jongolson I reduced the delay from 1 minute to about 10 seconds. My bitrate is 2000, on video setting have input set max and set output below the input resolution. Let me know if it reduces your delay and let me know if you need any help adjusting. I'm away from my computer so I don't have the actual input and output numbers for resolution in front of me but can get them later!

Awesome. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give it shot on my next stream.

Look forward to seeing you there Mr. Jon G Olson. My friend recommended you as a good content producer on this week!

Appreciate that very much :)

Thank you for your awesome comment! We are definitely looking forward for your stream. Generally, the "delay" happens due to the distance between you and our servers, the quality, the current server load etc. Don't forget that if you have any questions, feel free to join our Discord!

Amazingly if it works properly than many newbies will move forward to dlive...And hope it ll work so.....

It's been a blast, I'm really enjoying it and the viewers have been fantastic too! Makes sense on the tech stuff for sure. I'll do my best to make sure I'm coming across clear for everyone on the streams :)

For sure, I'll go join your Discord now.

imges nice

Nice job
If I have more powerful equipment, I'm going to start broadcasting better.

I publish the repetitions of the games I play now.
I want to get stronger with your support.

But I play all the games myself. Copy not content

for watching

yeah i was streaming a couple nites ago and it was almost 3 minutes behind "live" i was actually able to end my stream and go to my dlive page and watch the last couple of minutes of my 'broadcast' happen- that will make it very difficult to respond in real time to any viewers so I hope they find a way to resolve/mitigate thise soon.