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RE: Travel with me #115 : The Sun Moon Lake and Rainbow Military Dependent Village!

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Greetings, beautiful and dear Miss SWEETSSSJ

Pretty cool your posting. I really enjoyed your visit to the part where it contains the sea and the village. I think it was your first posting that I saw her with pictures near the sea. They were pretty cool.

But what caught my eye was his visit to this whole colorful village. I thought she was beautiful. I think it's the expression of the soul of the one who made it. Maybe even an internal struggle against a sad life. I really liked the description you made about the history of this village.

The food is very different and appreciable. I just didn't like the noodles that much. I like him more dry.

Thank you very much for another lovely posting. Have a good night!!!!


greetings julisavio!

I think the rainbow village really is an eye opener! I'm sure it is probably the first time many of you have seen anything quite like that! You are right though, the people responsible are were going through a very tumultuous period of history which has ramifications in politics and cultural divides to this very day. It is a really good way to invite people to learn a little more about that period of history and the lessons we can learn and take away as well.

Thank you very much for dropping a comment!

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