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RE: Travel with me #115 : The Sun Moon Lake and Rainbow Military Dependent Village!

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Thanks for taking us on a guided tour of Sun moon lake very vice and love your Steem shirt by the way @sweetsssj ! Those buildings in the villages were so colorful and what a creative style he had, just beautiful! And I loved your DLive Video, it looks very misty or foggy there, even the inside of the buildings are very colorful and what a treat to have band playing music at the end! thanks for sharing my friend ! as always upped earlier by auto now resteemed! will do the same into my @momskitchen blog!😀💕✌👍💕


dear Karen thank you as always! My new steemit t-shirt finally! I still like the old logo!!

Awe ! you are very welcome @sweetsssj ! I like the old logo too!💕✌👍

I am currently addicted to Steem Monsters! and actually just created some really cool images I will be using in my Steem Monster posts and also entered them in a art contest to win some Booster Card Packs, its so much fun, have you joined the Craze yet @sweetsssj !? My goal is to get at least one really awesome legendary Gold Cards!👹👺👾👿

I actually haven't yet, but it looks so interesting, where can I find out more?

✔ Check out my art contest post , it has all the links to different websites for Steem monsters right under me sitting on the Lady bug lol! you can also chack out the creators of Steem Monsters blogs @aggroed or @yabapmatt ! ☑ Heres the link:

😀💕 Hi @sweetsssj ! Heres the 3 sites to check out all about Steem Monsters ! I appreciate all you support right now, my friend !: thanks
👺👾 Steem Monsters Contact Information: 👾👹
Official Account: @steemmonsters

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