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RE: Travel with me #117 : Taichung City, Taiwan & Dance Competition Results!

in #dlive3 years ago

❤💁 HI @sweetsssj , all ready commentd and upped your fantastic post earlier , wanted to add that i'm so glad @mrchef111 won FIRST PLACE I really loved his entry!!
🙏🐶❤ If you get a chance to , please check out my latest post about my Dog "Brain" who was recently injured ! your kind support and prayers would be SOOOOOOO MUCH APPRECIATED! THANK YOU, LOVE YOU!❤🐶🙏


thanks karen! I know how important your furry family is -- I have a few of my own! Hope things can get better soon !

AWE ! Thanks so much @sweetsssj for your kind reply and prayers, its much appreciated! ❤🐶🙏

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