Fun Spontaneous Acro Flow

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I love living in Sacramento, because there are always so many great outdoor areas to explore. One weekend, my friend Maeley and I decided to take a hike around Lake Berryessa. While taking a hike with my friend Maeley, we stumbled upon so many amazing views. It was breath taking!
Lake Berryessa.JPG

We decided to take a little break from our hike and make a fun acro flow for you all! Acroyoga is such a fun activity to do with my friends!
flag pose.JPG

In today's video you will see the following moves:

  • back fly
  • throne
  • monkey frog
  • bird
  • ninja star
  • folded leaf
  • straddle back

I hope you enjoy this fun little flow we came up with! We are a bit shaky, but that just means we are working hard! Hehe.

karensuestudios gif.gif
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My video is at DLive


I used to go to UC Davis, back when I didn't know how to drive so I didn't explore much of Davis or Sac. Great places though, nice weather, housing not too expensive. Good times in college though...

OOoo How fun! Where do you live now?

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Really excellent photography and greet exercise.Your post is very helpful for our life. Thanks for sharing with us your great post.

nice place and awesome picture :)

Lake Berryessa has some breathtaking views @karensuestudios you should fish there after your acrobatic sessions and enjoy some picnic too ;P
I love you.

hehe that's a great idea! :) We brought some cheese and fruits to snack on! :)

Hello my dear how are you? I made this one for your friend can you give me your opinion?
(I'm making you another one because the old one wasn't nice at all)

What a beautiful place. And you two do some amazing stuff. Really cool. Thanks for sharing @karensuestudios

Aww thank you Robert! I hope to go back again soon. The views are breathtaking!