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RE: Travel with me #115 : The Sun Moon Lake and Rainbow Military Dependent Village!

in #dlive3 years ago

On your 1st picture, the building behind you can stand the strongest earthquakes without any breakage, thanks to the "free flow" way it's built.
Most western people don't know that at all, they only think it's just a good visual attraction...


lanmis, that's such an interesting piece of information, thank you for supplementing! I haven't stayed in Taiwan for long enough to actually experience any earthquakes but I hear they are quite common so this makes quite a lot of sense !

I unfortunately never been in Taiwan :-( but it is on my "to visit" list.
If I'm not wrong Forbidden City is also made with this style.

And the funniest side of this is:
No western builders (US, Europe etc.) know how to make this structure. Even if you gave them whole structure in pieces they wouldn't know how to assemble it :-), it's very complicated

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