The Journey Inward: Uncovering Universal Truth - Episode 14 @coruscate Part 2

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In this show, we discuss consciousness, spirituality, awareness, philosophy, and evolution of thought to reveal the truths that we can put into practice which will allow our journey on this earth to be a little more loving, joyous, peaceful, and fun.

My guest on this episode is the one and only @coruscate. Lea is one of the sweetest human beings you will ever be lucky enough to know. She is an amazing Steemian, who is raising the bar on what great content is every day. She is multi-talented. She inspires me almost daily to put myself out there more. I can honestly say without meeting her I would not be making this show. She has a unique point of view and is never afraid to share it with us all. Very grateful to be able to talk about these subjects with her.

Here are just a few of the topics we discuss on this episode:
-Deserving What You Want
-Following Your Excitement
-Breaking Free Of “Not Good Enough”
-Changing Beliefs
-Growing Self Love
-Trusting Your Gut
-Letting Go Of Stress
-Leading The Way

If any of these topics interest you up then please have a listen and keep the conversation going in the comments below. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Much Appreciation and Love

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Good Journey My Friends

My video is at DLive


This is great. I love the philosophy here @larrymorrison. The happiness qoute totally resonates with me and this is something I try to live by also. Love this interview :)

Thank you bud, means a lot coming from you

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you are the man Larry, another awesome show.
You two guys, @coruscate @larrymorrison, are brilliant togheter in the video, i really enjoy this kind of topic and i found also interesting the first part of the episode, if you have the opportunity check out the comment i left there and please let me know what you think, have a great weekend beautiful people

Wow, I am sure there is a great opportunity to know many new things,. And I am sure its going for many interesting things......@larrymorrison.

yes...really I am also excited to see what is in next hope so it will post ASAP

Thank for all the votes man...
and Thanks for following me...

Hey MoneyMan!!!
How are you Friend?

Growing Self Love ...

Having the right information, acquiring the requisite knowledge and skill could be the distinguishing factor leading success in career, business and personal finances....Thanks for the insightful content, really inspiring.

Thank you for the positive feedback, much appreciated

how , sir it is a great content , in which it covered a oppertunity for the people.

Awesome video. Eagerly waiting for the next part.
Thank you. Spread the love in this world. Love for love.

You two are incredible speakers and so inspiring. I really enjoyed your conversation and I learned so much! I am a "yes" person too. It was reassuring to hear that sometimes we need to say no. It is okay things are left incomplete. You cannot beat yourself up over it. I try to practice this but I still have trouble.

Larry, I also love that you said "Success is right now". That was also a good reminder for me to enjoy the present.

Thank you for the video!!

Appreciate your support as always Brittany. Letting go of and saying no to stressors is something I learned from this conversation too

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Another solid discussion! Way to rock it guys :) Have an amazing day today.


Always love to have your support Ken, means a lot to me

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Sourav Crypto:

Great Interview. Who is the Interviewer? Haha, you both have questions and both make great points. @larrymorrison you hit the head on the nail with "Jesus was the first to say... Don't make me a martyr." @coruscate The more I see the more I like I may be developing a crush on you, haha ;)

Thank you, I guess it's more of a discussion than an interview but either way I really appreciate you watching and giving positive feedback.
I believe it's impossible not to love @coruscate, grateful that she is the face and heart of this platform

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These topics are my favourite. I reading a lot of books about consciousness, for expamle Osho. I will follow you. Enjoy your life!

great content

Very interesting. I like how you can focus on the topics. Grateful for your valuable information.

This is very helpful. I'd love to get motivated more

Hey @larrymorrison, just found your channel. I really like your videos. I think I have a story that people would benefit from hearing. Would love to chat with you sometime. Lmk what you think!

Sure, in on discord and steem chat under the same name, also my email is [email protected]

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trusting your guts is the most important point which is specified in this post which me likes more thanks a lot for this super inspiration


Thank you 😊

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Following Your Excitement ....Truly said about this...everybody should think on all above point ...It will make some difference in your life or else you can change the way you were looking at your life...Inspirational ....thanks for sharing

We must follow or excitement in my opinion, that's how magic happens

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Wow good content

Thanks man

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The only truth is you yourself just discover it and you achieve everything

Thank you so much for the wonderful information.

Hi.i would like to say that you are doing a smart and praiseworthy work and making life of people better.You help in creating peace and harmony @coruscate

Thanks for being so active on dlive, when I met @steemcafe in Russia he talked about you a lot. I've writen this post about adding steem dollar to binance and I think it's important for all the community. I hope for your support.

Thanks for this information about Lea that she is multi-talented,steemian and she inspires you daily but Larry more about her. I am eager to know about her and why she inspires you daily?

I think there is lot more thing to know new thing

The Journey Inward: consciousness, spirituality, awareness
Todays world these things matter if we have food to eat, place to sleep and cloth to wear.
Ironically spirituality is a business in today’s world.
For us young generation.... it’s not a time to dive in to spirituality. But to get up and work your ass get financially independent.
Afterward dive into spirituality and help orher people....❤️❤️❤️

That is a terrible idea, i completely disagree. Probably because I've been down that path already you are talking about and know there is nothing there.
No one ever reaches the end of their life wishing they had worked more

Since you have already been down to that path I was talking about. your opinion might be true. But passing through there you able to realize what is the right path.
For me balancing the work and spirituality is quite unmanageable. Sometime very confusing?
Your opinion might give some insight?
Thanks 🙏

If you don't feed the spirit first the rest of what you do will be empty and hollow. Alignment first then everything else. You must follow passion and inspiration, it will take you everywhere you want and the money will follow. Watch this

my journey is very bad

Awsome information abpout spirituality .Have you ever visited my country India?

Yes, i lived there for almost a year

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I am sure there is a great opportunity to know many new things.

wow ke lagsay dekty tumakay

No. You not only need a savior but you have to index your sovereign status under the creator now! Your journey is guided by the living word and he is here now as prophesied as the returned Yahoshua Ha Mashika and he corrects the ruse against mankind by B.S. of the Constintian construct of a Greek*Christian christ but he is proven to be a dark Hebrew Israelite of the Tribe of Yahuda (Judah) in this Canaan Land promised to Abrahamin (INDIANS ! YES!) We are the sheep of his 12 tribes and do not have a clue how closely our bloodlines are entwined to make us truly part of the Covenant Family of Psalm 4.

It is really very awesome .

I know😎👍🏻✌🏿️💜🍒

i think it will be more exciting episode hope will come soon

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Letting go of your stress helps in making right decisions

Tanks for informing

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good topics and suggestion well discussion.

nice one......

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Man, you are doing a great job,i am also into spirituality, astrology and numerology,will definitely looking forward to join your seminar

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Es interesante el tema que se desea conocer especialmente el del amor propio ya que uno primero tiene que amarse como es para luego brindarle a otro nuestro amor

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Wow, I loved it. I am sure it's going for many interesting things and there is a great opportunity to know many new things....

Thank you for your post. I have received lot of information from this article.
Thanks once again.

There is going to be lot of new things which a human being should learn. Great dude

Great opportunity to learn something new which is beneficial for our life. Thank you for giving such great content. I am eagerly waiting for your next episode!!

Its a good information for people ...

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