A Hanging Bridge in South Korea

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My first time on a hanging bridge with a glass and first time to upload video in Dlive

My video is at DLive


That was a pretty high bridge, really scary, no way stepping on a glass!

Try it yourself, it's not as scary as you think.

I haven't tried any swinging bridge, not sure if I can step or walk or pass in it.

That was also my first time, I never thought I could do it, but as you see, I did it!

Grabe ang taas naman ng bridge na yan. Napansin ko na medyo naghesitate ka muna bago ka tumapak sa glass hehe. Masnakakatakot parin yung mga hanging bridge dito na kahoy lang ang ginamit hehe. Thank you po for sharing! Have a great day!

Oo di masyado nag si-swing ung bridge, mahina lang. bka kc walang mag try na Koreans eh hahaha, duwag kc sila.

Hahaha, Sige po ingat po kayo diyan!

Wow, this is a really high hanging bridge!

Yes @future24, it is scary for me because it's my first time on a hanging bridge.

@future24, I'm so sorry I upvoted your post too late (it's already 7 days ago, votes didn't appear )