Travel with me #100 : The Road trip to an ancient Yoruba city in the southwestern part of Nigeria!

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A more intimate exploration of the beautiful Land of the ancient Yoruba city. Today I'm going to take you further on my exploration to an ancient Yoruba city in the Southwest of Nigeria, ( Ile-Ife). Ife (Yoruba: Ifè, also Ilé-Ifẹ̀) is an ancient Yoruba city in south-western Nigeria. The city is located in the present day Osun State, Nigeria. Ile-Ife is about 218 kilometres (135 mi) northeast of Lagos state.
The Population growth rate in ile ife is as follows;
Osun State - 755,260 as at Year 2011.
· Ife Central: 196,220
· Ife East: 221,340
· Ife South: 157,830
· Ife North: 179,870

Mythic origin of Ife: Creation of the world.
Historically, according to Yoruba religion, Olodumare, the Supreme God, ordered Obatala to create the earth but on his way he found palm wine which he drank, after he drank heavily and became intoxicated. Therefore, the younger brother of the latter, Oduduwa, took the three items of creation from him, climbed down from the heavens on a chain and threw a handful of earth on the primordial ocean, then put a cockerel down on it so that it would scatter the earth as usual, thus creating the land on which Ile Ife would be built,The Yoruba believe. Oduduwa planted a palm nut in a hole in the newly formed land and from there sprang a great tree with sixteen branches, a symbolic representation of the clans of the early Ife city-state. The usurpation of creation by Oduduwa gave rise to the ever lasting conflict between him and his elder brother Obatala, fighting for nothing but authority which is still re-enacted in the modern era by the cult groups of the two clans during the Itapa New Year festival many decades ago. On account of his creation of the world Oduduwa became the ancestor of the first divine king of the Yoruba, ( normal belief) while Obatala is believed to have created the first Yoruba people out of clay. Which is sometimes called the moulder. The meaning of the word "ife" in Yoruba is "expansion"; "Ile-Ife" is therefore in reference to the myth of origin "The Land of Expansion". This is a brief summary of what you can be asked of what do you know about 'ife' or ' ile ife '.

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Visit to Opa Oranmiyan shrine and groove; I was opportuned to see for the first time in my life the shrine and the Opa Oranmiyan's groove which I was very scared of entering in the first place but I was later told to enter with all my prayer intension been said. On my way to the shrine I met a white woman who also came for a visit or tour just like me. She was very happy but scared a bit also. This was the main entrance gate and the Opa Oranmiyan itself with so many eyes on it just like nails more than 100 if I can still recollect.



Opa Oranmiyan groove and shrine with a big compound.

Within the Opa Oranmiyan's shrine


I further my tour to the Moremi statue.

  • When I left the Opa Oranmiyan grove and shrine I quick went on bike to the Moremi Ajasoro 's big statue even though I was very late, I mean for visitor. I tried my best to relate with them in my local language ( Yoruba) but they refused me, so I tried to capture all the images from the outside gate, watch and believe!

The main entrance gate to the Moremi Ajasoro statue.




If I was given the chance to get inside, the Moremi Ajasoro is a very big statue is now modernized, it is one of the biggest and tallest structure statue in ile ife. Even through out the west Africa.

I Proceeded to the Ooni of Ife Palace; I was not allowed to enter too here because I was already late ( visiting period) even though I saw some people going inside the Palace but I was restricted. I took all my pictures in front the Palace there in Ile Oodua.





On my Way back home I saw this Oduduwa statue right in front of the Ooni Palace, though it was somehow separated from the palace 's main fence. But very close to the Ooni Palace. Let see the Statue.


You can see me on a motorcycle. I took my time to hook u with the bike man. It wasn't easy for me but I had to be an outstanding as a man and be Original with all my images.



So, on my way to ilorin after my day three hour I went to the motor pack where I board a bus to ilorin, kwara state. I saw this also, guess what? OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY CAMPUS MAIN GATE.( GREAT IFE!)

  • I took the pictures from inside the bus, you will see it not too clear but it's part of it.



Here is my video proof.

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