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RE: Steem Secrets #13 (Delivered By @geeyang): To Succeed With Steemit, You Will Need Your Very Own Conviction About Steemit/Steem's Beauty And It Will Have To Be Solid.

in #dlive4 years ago

People needed this today for so many people don't see the beauty of Steemit.

They are so obsessed with success, of upvotes and comments that they forget to be their true selves as they try to conform to the same formula that makes other people successfull.

yet everyone is different and we just have to persevere and hold on.

I see the beauty when people get together and help each other out just like what DaveMccoy did fo Lynn here

It was just amazing what a community can do!


Thank you for the mention @maverickinvictus! It was so heartfelt the way this community rallied around Brian and I. For @davemccoy to start the whole thing and the way everyone was so supportive is something Brian and I will always remember :)

Yes and it is those moments that highlight what is good in this platform amidst all the negativity you and Dave doing this is a bright light of hope.

You're a bright light of hope ;)

Totally agree with this sir @maverickinvictus.. We just have to be our true selves.. and that's beauty too! That's what make everyone awesome.. :)

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