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RE: Travel with me #115 : The Sun Moon Lake and Rainbow Military Dependent Village!

in #dlive3 years ago (edited)

Ohh @sweetsssj, thank you for showing everyone on this platform what great quality and professional work is all about. I have seen so many horrible posts at the top of our trending page; it makes me sad.

I see how you bring your adventures to life with words, videos, photographs as well as a real taste of your personality. Very few people have this great combination of skills. Most in fact do not even have any of those skills to the level that you display so consistently in your posts.

Your series on Taiwain has been amazing. I want to visit every place you have shared with us. Of course that will not be possible but it is worth giving it a shot.


mightyblueberry that's such a sweet comment (and compliment!), I think a lot is just about putting in the best effort at whatever you choose to do so that you can be proud of it afterwards!

If you do ever visit Taiwan, then I do hope my blog will be a helpful reference for ideas!

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